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News and Events, Statements | October 6, 2020
Civil society raises alarm about IMF’s continued backing of austerity amidst pandemic

CESR joins over 500 civil society organizations and academics in issuing a joint letter calling on the IMF to immediately stop promoting austerity around the world, and instead advocate for policies that advance gender justice, reduce inequality.

News and Events | September 29, 2020
IMF annuals side-event: Changing the rules for a just recovery

On September 30th, CESR's Executive Director, Ignacio Saiz, moderated a panel on "Changing the rules for a just recovery: aligning IMF's work with human rights and fiscal justice in Latin America and he Caribbean".

News and Events | September 25, 2020
IMF annuals side-event: The Role of IFIs in a World of Intersecting Conflicts and Crises in the MENA Region

Taking place 5 October 2020, this session will assess IFI's policies in contexts of crises and conflicts, mainly in the MENA Region, by examining the existing policies and their impact on inequality.

News and Events | September 17, 2020
CESR Launches 2020 Spotlight Report

On Friday 18 September, CESR launched the 2020 Spotlight Report with an event featuring CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz as a speaker.

News and Events | September 16, 2020
All Risk and No Reward for Botswana’s Miners

Drawing on two years of research and interviews with Botswanan miners, All Risk and No Reward describes how miners are denied access to quality healthcare and adequate and timely compensation for workplace injuries.

News and Events | September 11, 2020
A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Peru Needs Fiscal Reforms to Quell High COVID-19 Death Rate

Sergio Chaparro and Laura Adriaensens on Inter Press Service discuss how Peru has been one of the Latin American countries with the lowest investment in social policies, leading to deep disparities in the realization of social rights.

News and Events | September 9, 2020
CESR and Partners Hold Dialogues on Just Economic Recovery from COVID

The Initiative for Human Rights Principles in Fiscal Policy held a series of virtual dialogues with partners aimed at sharing tools and exploring opportunities to advocate for a just economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

News and Events | September 9, 2020
All Risk and No Reward


News and Events | September 1, 2020
Debt Justice Group to IMF: "Defuse Ecuador's Debt Time Bomb!"

A statement on the Progressive International website that was co-drafted by CESR's Allison Corkery, Sergio Chaparro and Ignacio Saiz with partners calls on the IMF to take responsibility for the impact of its disastrous austerity policies on people’s rights.

News and Events | September 1, 2020
Austerity is Killing Ecuador. The IMF Must Help End this Disaster

An opinion piece in the Guardian by CESR's Allison Corkery with Andrés Chiriboga-Tejada, Jayati Ghosh, Demba Moussa and Adrian Falco, calls on the IMF to examine the human rights impacts of its loan conditions in Ecuador.

News and Events | August 31, 2020
CESR, Partners Publish Study of Botswanan Miners' Right to Health

September 10, CESR and partners are launching their report All Risk and No Reward: How the Government and Mine Companies Fail to Protect the Right to Health of Miners and Ex-Miners in Botswana.

News and Events | August 6, 2020
Confronting COVID-19 by Demanding Rights | August 2020 Round-Up

CESR continues to produce work that reflects on economic responses to COVID-19 and related advocacy efforts across movements and countries.

News and Events | July 27, 2020
Forging Tools for Fiscal Justice in the Andean Region

Since 2016, CESR has worked with civil society partners in Peru and Colombia to build greater consensus on how public resources can be more equitably generated and distributed, in line with human rights obligations.

News and Events | July 10, 2020
CESR Contributes Proposals for Sharing Economic Benefits ahead of HLPF

CESR contributed to a background paper exploring how economic policy should be transformed to achieve the SDGs and a just recovery from COVID-19, including through greater distributional justice to reduce inequalities.

News and Events | July 10, 2020
CESR's Kate Donald Discusses Tax Biases Against Women and the Global South

"Taxation for Redistributive Justice: Solutions for Women, People and Planet" discussed tax policy biases that negatively impact women and other disadvantaged groups, as well as countries of the Global South.

News and Events | June 18, 2020
COVID-19: Resourcing Rights—June 2020 Round-Up

CESR is working to spark conversations about how human rights standards and commitments can be used to help shape equitable responses to the economic fallout of COVID.

News and Events | June 17, 2020
Human Rights Law Must Help Shape Government Responses to COVID-19

Allison Corkery's blog post at Equal Times emphasizes how upholding socioeconomic rights in a pandemic remains an obligation—and the law.

News and Events | May 26, 2020
A Roadmap for Recovering Rights: New Series on Economic Responses to COVID-19

"COVID-19: Recovering Rights" series lays out how human rights standards can be used to shape economic responses to the pandemic.

News and Events | May 21, 2020
Time for a Rights-Based Global Economic Stimulus to Tackle COVID-19

During this pandemic, economic rescue packages—nationally and globally—must protect the socioeconomic rights of those most at risk.

News and Events | May 18, 2020
Development Finance for COVID-19 Should Uphold Human Rights

A statement from the Coalition for Human Rights Development that CESR contributed to urges development finance institutions to make sure their COVID relief funding upholds human rights and economic justice for the most vulnerable.

News and Events | May 15, 2020
CESR Joins Judicial Action Against Devastating Brazilian Spending Freeze

CESR is supporting a coalition of 192 Brazilian civil society organizations and social justice groups as they file a judicial action against Brazil’s expenditure cap, which has had grievous effects on the wellbeing of many of Brazil’s citizens, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

News and Events | May 12, 2020
A Proposal for a COVID-19 Emergency Basic Income in Colombia Gains Traction

The National University of Colombia has published a proposal co-authored by CESR’s Sergio Chaparro for adopting an emergency basic income in Colombia.

News and Events | May 7, 2020
Lessons Learned from COVID-19 on Social Policy, Informal Labor and Economic Vulnerability

CESR's Sergio Chaparro co-authored an article in Colombia's El Espectador explaining the necessity for transformative economic recovery policies, such as a social protection floor, for providing long term security.

News and Events | May 4, 2020
Truths and Lies about this Pandemic: What are the Lessons for Health Rights and Social Justice?

In a blog for the Global Intiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, former CESR board member Alicia Ely Yamin argues that the pandemic is not “a great equalizer” but rather an "x-ray" of preexisting social inequalities and rights violations driven by neoliberalism.

News and Events | May 4, 2020
UN Expert Urges More Government Spending Targeting Inequality, not Big Business

Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, UN Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Human Rights, calls for a dramatic increase in public spending that targets inequalities and poverty caused by the COVID-19 crisis, instead of bailing out corporations and banks.

News and Events | May 4, 2020
Unions Must Support a Stronger Public COVID-19 Response and a New Global Economy

CESR board member and Public Services International General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli calls for a labor movement response to #COVID19 that boldly demands a new global economy.

News and Events | May 4, 2020
CESCR Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights asserts that in the midst of the pandemic, States are obligated under international human rights law to devote their maximum available resources to the full realization of all economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to health, in the most equitable manner.

News and Events | May 4, 2020
Invest in the Care Economy for a Just, Green, Feminist COVID-19 Response and Recovery

CESR and over 125 networks, trade unions, and organizations are demanding a COVID-19 response and recovery that is just, green, and feminist. As burdens frequently shouldered by women continue to worsen in the midst of the pandemic, we call for a greatly expanded investment in the “care economy."

News and Events | May 4, 2020
A Debt Jubilee to Tackle the COVID-19 Health and Economic Crisis

CESR and over 200 international organizations and regional networks issued a statement calling on the IMF, the World Bank, and members of the G20 to permanently cancel all external sovereign debt payments for 2020.

News and Events | April 23, 2020
A Comprehensive Response to COVID-19 Demands Redistributive Fiscal Policies

CESR and partners at the Initiative for Human Rights in Fiscal Policy in Latin America call on States to undertake broad fiscal redistribution in order to avoid dire human rights consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

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