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News and Events | April 17, 2020
CESR's Sergio Chaparro Discusses COVID-19 Debt Relief on International News Network France 24

Chaparro said that while the G20's agreement to suspend debt payments from pooer countries was welcome, it did not go far enough.

News and Events | March 11, 2020
Reviving Beijing's Neglected Macroeconomic Agenda: Tax Justice for Women’s Rights

On March 13, CESR co-sponsors a CSW parallel event on tax justice for women's rights, organized by the Global Alliance for Tax Justice’s tax and gender working group.

News and Events | February 18, 2020
ESCR-Net Covers CESR's Dismantling the Dogmas

ESCR-Net covered CESR's Dismantling the Dogmas of Austerity and Fiscal Injustice in Latin America.

News and Events | December 18, 2019
Dismantling the Dogmas: Tools for Tackling Austerity in Latin America

New briefing confronts head-on dogmas that are deployed against progressive structural fiscal reforms in Latin America.

News and Events | December 4, 2019
Going Against the Grain: Human Rights and Working for Change

The Going Against the Grain conference focused on local grassroots initiatives that use human rights as a practical tool to actively take on vested interests and advance economic democracy.

News and Events | November 27, 2019
Global Protests Demand Human Rights Actors Tackle Economic Injustice

Ignacio Saiz' submission to OpenGlobalRightsArticulo en español

News and Events | November 25, 2019
Unequal and Unjust: the Human Rights Costs of Tax and Budget Decisions in Peru

A new report from CESR finds that Peru’s unjust tax and budget policies threaten quality education for the country’s Indigenous children and restrict access to prompt cancer treatment for some underserved patients.

News and Events | November 7, 2019
Assessing Austerity's Impacts on Human Lives

CESR's Sergio Chaparro recently lectured about assessing the human impacts of economic austerity policies at The American University in Cairo.

News and Events | October 21, 2019
Austerity and the IMF: An Appeal for Responsibility

CESR and partners issued an urgent appeal to the IMF to halt its support for austerity measures and to assess their human rights impacts. We also brought evidence of austerity's unequal impacts to the recent IMF/World Bank Annual meetings.

News and Events, Our Work | October 18, 2019
CESR at 25: Achievements and Challenges in a Milestone Year

CESR releases its annual report for 2018, a milestone year that marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of our founding as the first international NGO to bring human rights to the struggle for economic and social justice.

News and Events | October 16, 2019
Lessons from Ecuador: Challenging Austerity and Human Rights Erosion at the IMF

CESR will be at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings this week, challenging the IMF’s global role in driving austerity measures that result in the steady erosion of human rights in countries such as Ecuador.

News and Events | October 15, 2019
Austerity and Human Rights in Ecuador: An Urgent Appeal to the IMF

Fiscal policy cannot be imposed while ignoring people’s rights, as the Indigenous peoples’ protest movement in Ecuador has shown.

News and Events | October 11, 2019
Cutting to the Core: Rethinking the IMF's Way of doing Business to Tackle Gender Inequalities

On Thursday, October 17th at the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings, this panel discussion asks if the IMF's recent turn to acknowledging gender equality as "macro-critical" has led to meaningfully different outcomes for women affected by Fund-supported macroeconomic policies.

News and Events | October 11, 2019
The IMF and Right to Food: Conditionality on Food and Agriculture in the Arab Region

This session on Thursday, October 17th at the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings will discuss IMF-imposed policies in the Arab Region that impact agricultural policies and achievement of the right to food from regional and national perspectives, as well as propose alternatives.

News and Events | October 11, 2019
The IMF and Inequalities: Tensions between Structural Adjustments and Structural Transformations

This discussion on Thursday, October 17th at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings debates the balance between IMF-advised structural adjustments and the need for systemic changes in financial governance, to ensure governments can achieve SDG 10 and tackle inequalities on multiple levels.

News and Events | July 26, 2019
Speaking Truth to Power: Growing the Movement to Fight Inequality

Stark power imbalances are fueling extreme global inequality and cross-movement alliances within civil society are needed to combat the problem.

News and Events | July 16, 2019
South Africa: Is Resource Mobilization Reducing Inequality?

As South Africa presents its review at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York, a rights-based snapshot of obstacles and opportunities is put forward by CESR, the Institute for Economic Justice and Section 27.

News and Events | July 10, 2019

How to Tackle Inequality, Realize Human Rights and Achieve SDG 10  LINK TO EVENT FLYER Event Title:  FIGHTING INEQUALITY: Time to be Bold. How to Tackle Inequality, Realize Human Rights and Achieve SDG 10

News and Events | July 8, 2019
Spotlight on Inequalities at High-Level SDG Forum 2019

The Spotlight on Sustainable Development Report 2019 asserts that successful implementation of the SDGs requires more holistic and more sweeping shifts in how and where power is vested, including through institutional, legal and political commitments to realizing human rights.

News and Events | June 7, 2019
Co-designing and Threat-modeling Accountability Tools for Restricted Civic Spaces: the Egypt Social Progress Indicators Platform

CESR staffers will be at #RightsCon next week in Tunis and on June 13th will host a session on "Co-designing and Threat-modeling Accountability Tools for Restricted Civic Spaces."

News and Events | May 28, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators Reveal How Austerity Feeds Gross Inequalities

The Egypt Social Progress Indicators Project finds that IMF-mandated austerity policies are amplifying severe inequalities and undermining the rights to health, education, housing and decent work for millions of Egyptians.

News and Events | May 6, 2019
Financial Restrictions and Human Rights: the Case of Colombia

CESR's Sergio Chaparro recently published a chapter on "Financial restrictions and human rights: the case of Colombia" in the latest volume of the Journal of the Ministerio Público de la Defensa de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

News and Events | April 12, 2019
Commission on the Status of Women 2019: Progressive Taxation Indispensable for Gender Equality

CESR participated actively in the 2019 Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations HQ in New York. The priority theme of this year’s Commission was "social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality."

News and Events | April 12, 2019
Highlighting Austerity, Gender and Tax Issues at IMF, World Bank Spring Meetings 2019

In April 2019, Kate Donald (the Director of CESR’s Economic and Social Policy program) attended the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington, DC. While there, she shared CESR’s research in several meetings with IMF officials, including work on the relationship between tax policy and gender equality, along with civil society partners and allies.

News and Events | April 12, 2019
Gender, Transnational Inequalities Stressed at Prep Meetings for 2019 HLPF on Sustainable Development

In late February 2019, Kate Donald (the Director of CESR’s Economic and Social Policy program) participated in an expert meeting organized by UN Women, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the UNFCCC Secretariat in Vienna, Austria. “Tackling global challenges to equality and inclusion through the gender-responsive implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” aimed to provide a gender perspective on interlinkages between Goals 10, 13 and 16.

News and Events | March 13, 2019
New Human Rights and Fiscal Justice Initiative Calls for Global Corporate Tax Reforms

The Initiative for Human Rights Principles and Guidelines in Fiscal Policy in Latin America is demanding radical changes to the rules of global taxation in order to stop tax avoidance and the race to the bottom in corporate tax rates.

News and Events | February 13, 2019
Panel on Accountability Dimension: Social Protection as a Tool for the Reduction of Inequalities

Kate Donald participates in a panel discussion on "Accountability Dimension: Social Protection as a Tool for the Reduction of Inequalities."

News and Events | December 20, 2018
Towards Human Rights-Based Fiscal Policies: Principles and Guidelines for Latin America and the Caribbean

CESR and Latin American organizations are drafting Principles and Guidelines toward securing human rights standards in fiscal policy.

News and Events | November 20, 2018
Celebrating CESR's 25th Anniversary: Defending Human Rights in an Age of Inequality

On November 8th, 2018, members of CESR's global community gathered in New York City to celebrate 25 years of working for social justice through human rights. Photos, videos and an achievements timeline from the event are available here.

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