Our Work

What We Do

Bridging movements to boost collective power. Advocacy to push for concrete change. Research that decodes the systems that create inequalities. Our work fuels the efforts to make a just global economy a reality.


Rights-Based Economy

What would our world look like if we prioritized people and the planet, instead of profit and plunder? Working collectively with actors from different movements, we are changing the narrative about what the economy is for and how it can be redesigned to work for everyone.

Decoding Injustice

To change the system, we have to understand it. Using data that exposes how economic policies harm people's rights, we work with activists and communities as they work for change. Our research supports demands to those in power to live up to their promises.

Just Recovery

We cannot let those in power merely rebuild a broken system. To achieve a just economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, we translate human rights principles into concrete policy recommendations, and foster cross-learning with allies and partners looking to transform the economic system for good.

Fiscal Justice

People can live with dignity when resources are distributed fairly. We work to ensure that public money is raised and spent more democratically and more inclusively.