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News and Events | October 15, 2017
NANHRI Conference addresses rights-based approaches to Agendas 2030 and 2063

7-9 November: CESR's Allison Corkery attended the Network of African National Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI) 11th Biennial Conference on rights-based approaches to Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063.

News and Events | October 6, 2017
Reclaiming Policy Space for the Public

Update: this event will take place in Room I 2-210, Thursday, October 12th, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

News and Events | April 13, 2017
The US Tax March: Highlighting the human rights repercussions of the Trump-Ryan tax plans

CESR statement: The tax marches held across and beyond the US on April 15 were an opportunity to focus on the alarming implications of proposed US tax reforms.

News and Events | April 7, 2017
Towards an international tax agenda based on rights and equality for tax justice

Panel: CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz's comments from a side event hosted by the UN missions of Ecuador and South Africa.

News and Events | March 30, 2017
Engendering fiscal policy: Days of action demand tax justice for women

Over the past fortnight since International Women’s Day, CESR has been engaging actively in the Global Days of Action on Tax Justice for Women’s Rights.

News and Events | March 30, 2017
Defending dignity, from the Asia-Pacific to Uganda

CESR's recent collaborations with human rights defenders in Uganda and our partnership with the Asia-Pacific Forum are bearing fruit.

News and Events | March 21, 2017
Uganda: Commitments to socio-economic reform must be followed up with resources and action

The government delegation to the UPR formally accepted 148 of the 226 recommendations.

News and Events | March 16, 2017
Taking a stand on tax justice for women's rights at the CSW

13-24 March 2017: The CESR team participated in various events at the Commission on the Status of Women to underline that tax justice must be a central pillar of efforts to tackle women’s marginalization.

News and Events | March 7, 2017
Fiscal feminism: fighting for women’s rights through tax justice

7 March 2017: CESR is bringing a fiscal focus to International Women's Day by energetically supporting the Global Days of Action on Tax Justice for Women’s Rights.    

News and Events | February 16, 2017
Supporting rights defenders in the Asia-Pacific

Manila workshop participants honed their skills in collecting and analyzing primary and secondary data, and interpreting economic and budgetary information.

News and Events | January 6, 2017
Switzerland held to account for cost of tax abuse on women’s rights

CESR and its partners have taken Switzerland to task before the UN for the harmful impact of its role as a tax haven on women’s rights.

News and Events | January 4, 2017
Uganda’s rights shortfalls highlighted by Human Rights Council

The country faced some tough questions over the shortcomings of its development policies when it came before the Human Rights Council last month.

News and Events | January 4, 2017
Palestine: monitoring economic and social rights in a context ‘without parallel’

5 December 2016: CESR’s Allison Corkery and Mihir Mankad have travelled to Palestine at the invitation of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights.

News and Events | January 4, 2017
FACT is not a four-letter word

An end-of-year message from CESR's Executive Director Ignacio Saiz reflecting on the human rights challenges of the "post-truth" world.

News and Events | January 2, 2017
Brazil: fiscal austerity freeze ‘lacks all compassion’

Concern is growing over the potentially devastating human rights impacts of Brazil’s newly-approved ‘PEC 55’ constitutional amendment, which will freeze public spending at current levels for the next twenty years.

News and Events | December 8, 2016
Brazil: Social rights under siege

Brazil is on the cusp of making a constitutional amendment that will undermine fundamental human rights for generations to come.

News and Events | September 30, 2016
Egypt cracks down on human rights while championing sustainable development at UN

Statement: CESR expresses deep concern over the recent verdict, and ongoing crackdown, against human rights defenders and organizations in Egypt.

News and Events | August 17, 2016
Accountability left behind in SDG follow-up and review

The UN recently hosted its first review of progress towards the SDGs, but the mechanism's weak mandate and structure risk undermining its effectiveness.

News and Events | August 5, 2016
Spain: Constitutional Court ruling on health service exclusion of undocumented migrants ignores human rights

Press release: CESR and its partners reiterate that Spain's health reform contravenes international human rights norms.

News and Events | June 27, 2016
Digital justice

15 May 2016: CESR’s Allison Corkery and Mahinour El-Badrawi joined digital gurus and social justice leaders at RightsCon in Silicon Valley.

News and Events | June 27, 2016
Rising to meet austerity’s onward march

17 May 2016: CESR and its partners organized a landmark event, Fiscal Policy and Human Rights in Times of Austerity, at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

News and Events | April 15, 2016
Launch event: Defending Dignity

23 March 2016: Defending Dignity: A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions on Monitoring Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

News and Events | April 8, 2016
‘Panama Papers’: when tax abuse is human rights abuse

In the wake of the 'Panama Papers' scandal, the threat to human rights represented by international tax abuse has been thrown into stark relief.

News and Events | April 6, 2016
Fiscal Policy and Human Rights in Times of Austerity

Invitation to a groundbreaking dialogue at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

News and Events | March 31, 2016
Tackling inequality as injustice: four challenges for the human rights agenda

Human rights can help confront economic inequality, but four key challenges must be overcome, argue CESR's Ignacio Saiz and Gaby Oré Aguilar in openGlobalRights.

News and Events | March 2, 2016
Fiscal justice and human rights in the Americas: landmark hearing at Inter-American Commission

In late October, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) held its first thematic hearing on fiscal policy and human rights.

News and Events | March 2, 2016
Inequality: can human rights make a difference?

CESR guest-edits a openGlobalRights debate exploring the intersection of extreme economic inequality and human rights.

News and Events | September 29, 2015
Fiscal Policy and Human Rights in the Americas

Invitation: CESR invites you to a thematic hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights examining the relationship between fiscal policy and human rights.

News and Events | September 24, 2015
Agenda 2030: Rights on track?

Statement: As world leaders gather to adopt 'Agenda 2030', the Post-2015 Human Rights Caucus evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the new framework.

News and Events | September 24, 2015
UN adopts Agenda 2030, but will governments follow through?

Statement: CESR responds to Agenda 2030, the new sustainable development goals for the next 15 years adopted by member states at the United Nations.

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