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News and Events | May 29, 2014
Supporting human rights institutions in the Asia-Pacific region

Partnership: CESR is working closely with the Asia Pacific Forum to support the work of National Human Rights Institutions in Malaysia, New Zealand and Palestine.

News and Events | May 21, 2014
Security forces raid the ECESR and sexually harass women

Press release: This statement was issued by CESR's partner organization, the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, after its offices were raided by security forces on Thursday 22 May.

News and Events | May 14, 2014
Only an economic revolution can defuse the global inequality timebomb

Op-ed: Writing in the Guardian Development Blog, CESR's Nicholas Lusiani and Christian Aid's Helen Dennis explain the need for a fiscal revolution in development financing.

News and Events | April 29, 2014
OWG inches closer to human rights for all post-2015, but still a long road ahead

Joint statement: A coalition of organizations calls on the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals to make sure the call for human rights is properly reflected in their deliberations.

News and Events | April 15, 2014
Human rights hold key to financing post-2015 development

News: CESR's Niko Lusiani addresses major meeting of UN development bodies, explaining why post-2015 financing must be anchored in human rights.

News and Events | April 10, 2014
Egypt must stop penalizing the poor

Op-ed: Writing in Foreign Policy, CESR's Allison Corkery and the ECESR's Heba Khalil unpack the economic and social rights issues at stake in Egypt's elections.    

News and Events | April 7, 2014
New online resource to promote effective monitoring

New resource: CESR has led the development of a new website to support progress in overcoming the unique challenges that arise in monitoring economic and social rights.

News and Events | April 6, 2014
130 organizations join forces at UN to confront Egypt's human rights crisis

Press Release: As presidential elections draw near in Egypt, a large coalition is taking the country to task before the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review.

News and Events | April 1, 2014
Financing Sustainable Development: the right partnerships for a better world

The Righting Finance Initiative has delivered a statement to the Intergovernmental Committee on Financing for Sustainable Development as it considers the theme of 'Co-Creating New Partnerships'.

News and Events | March 2, 2014
OWG proposals risk sidelining consensus on human rights-centered sustainable development

Statement: CESR is calling on members of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals to renew their commitment to placing human rights at the core of the post-2015 framework.

News and Events | February 27, 2014
As states set sights on inequality, it's time to get fiscal

Rising inequality is an issue whose time has finally come. But if governments are serious about halting this trend in the post-2015 development agenda, they will need to tackle the injustices of our current tax and fiscal systems.

News and Events | February 5, 2014
In pursuit of a better, fairer world

Op-ed: Writing for Al-Jazeera, CESR Communications Coordinator Luke Holland examines the importance of human rights standards in addressing inequality in the post-2015 development agenda.

News and Events | January 29, 2014
Excluding undocumented migrants from health services is a violation of European law

Press release: A new report from the European Committee on Social Rights finds Spain's legislation denying health care services to undocumented migrants to be regressive.

News and Events | December 19, 2013
Power of Numbers initiative offers important insights for post-2015 agenda

A new initiative led by two members of CESR's board offers important guidance on target-setting and measurement of progress from a human rights perspective.

News and Events | December 19, 2013
Voices for Social Justice: The UN Special Procedures

On 22 October 2013, CESR and Columbia Law School's Human Rights Institute hosted a conversation with Magdalena Sepúlveda and Olivier de Schutter.

News and Events | December 11, 2013
UN criticizes Egypt's rights record and calls for increased investment in ESCR

Press release: The United Nations has raised serious concerns over shortcomings in ESCR in Egypt.

News and Events | December 11, 2013
Side event: Human Rights at the Core of Sustainable and Just Development

Invitation: On Friday 13 December, CESR and its partners will hold a side event in parallel to the sixth session of the Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals.

News and Events | December 9, 2013
Over 350 groups call for human rights in core of post-2015 development plan

Joint statement: As governments meet at the UN to debate the future sustainable development agenda, over 300 organizations have called for human rights to be at the core of the new framework.

News and Events | November 15, 2013
Egypt's rights record found wanting at UN

Press release: The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has firmly criticised Egypt's failure to address the social injustices and marked inequality that fuelled the 2011 revolution.

News and Events | November 10, 2013
Egypt to answer to UN body for ongoing social rights crisis

Press release: CESR and its Egyptian partners are in Geneva this week as the North African country makes its first appearance before a UN human rights treaty body since the Arab Spring revolution.

News and Events | September 26, 2013
UN General Assembly: will human rights rhetoric become reality?

Governments at the UN General Assembly have recognized that human rights must be at the core of a new global development agenda. But will these rhetorical commitments be translated into practice?

News and Events | September 19, 2013
Visions and Voices for Human Rights: Integrating human rights into the post-2015 agenda

On September 24 CESR and its partners hosted a forum on integrating human rights into the post-2015 development framework at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

News and Events | August 28, 2013
'OPERA' gets animated: bringing ESCR monitoring to life

A new animation produced by CESR, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Forum (APF), offers a short introduction to the OPERA Framework for monitoring fulfilment of economic and social rights.

News and Events | August 15, 2013
UN Secretary General backs calls for human rights-based post-2015 agenda

Statement: Key report to General Assembly outlines Secretary General's vision of 'a world we have a right to expect'.

News and Events | August 13, 2013
Accountability in the Post-2015 Development Framework: What role for National Human Rights Institutions?

Thanks to their unique bridging role between the government and civil society, together with their human rights expertise, NHRIs can play a key role in the post-2015 framework.

News and Events | July 29, 2013
Human rights and social justice: the in(di)visible link

Op-ed article: CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz and CESR Chairperson Alicia Yamin challenge outdated notions regarding human rights and social justice in an Open Democracy op-ed article.

News and Events | July 28, 2013
Egypt: No freedom without social justice

Despite being one of the nations at the heart of the Arab Spring, uncertainty and political tension continue to bedevil Egypt two years after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak.

News and Events | July 23, 2013
CESR raises austerity concerns in Spain and Europe

After five years of economic crisis and a series of austerity budgets that have served only to compound its problems, people in Spain are being pushed to the limits of resilience.

News and Events | July 22, 2013
'OPERA' tour strikes a chord with partners around the world

In recent months, CESR has been sharing its OPERA framework with our partners in New Zealand, Malaysia and Slovenia.

News and Events | July 8, 2013
Vienna+20 declaration demands primacy of rights

Joint declaration: CESR has joined a new civil society declaration released to mark the 20th anniversary of the Vienna Declaration and Program of Action.

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