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News and Events | July 13, 2011
MDG failures prove need for a new rights-based development agenda

The slow pace of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, revealed in a newly-released UN report, demonstrates the need for a more ambitious and rights-based agenda to end global poverty.

News and Events | July 3, 2011
MMSD Human Rights Critique on Mining Practices

Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Report, March 2003

News and Events | July 3, 2011
Nigeria: petition to African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights

In March 1996, CESR and SERAC jointly submitted a legal communication to the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.

News and Events | July 3, 2011
African Commission's Decision

At its 30th Ordinary Session held in Banjul, The Gambia from 13th to 27th October 2001, the African Commission examined the above mentioned communication and found the Federal Republic of Nigeria in violation of Articles 2, 4, 14, 16, 18(1), 21 and 24 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights.

News and Events | June 5, 2011
Gaps in corporate accountability need greater attention, civil society groups say

A coalition of civil society groups urges the UN to implement stronger international protections against corporate human rights abuses.

News and Events | May 29, 2011
CESR joins statement to Human Rights Council on Syria

In February 2012, CESR added its signature to those of ANND and CIVICUS in a statement to the Human Rights Council regarding Syria.

News and Events | May 29, 2011
Civil society groups call on UN Secretary-General to promote accountability on women's and children's health

A joint response to a UN report by civil society organizations, including CESR, stresses accountability within a human rights framework.

News and Events | May 26, 2011
Human Rights Essential to Human Development in Least-Developed Countries

A new goal to halve the number of least-developed countries by 2022 can only succeed if it is grounded within a genuine framework of human rights.

News and Events | March 10, 2011
David vs Goliath in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Oil giant Chevron is ordered to pay US$9 billion compensation for the environmental and health impacts of oil contamination in the Amazon. CESR Co-founder Chris Jochnick reflects on the judgment.

News and Events | March 7, 2011
100 Years of International Women's Day

Women should have access to education, to jobs, to land and to resources, not only because it is good for the economy, but because 'like men' they are entitled to these fundamental rights.

News and Events | February 16, 2011
Local justice in Ecuador advances global struggle for corporate accountability

Oil giant Chevron is ordered to pay US$9 billion compensation for the environmental and health impacts of oil contamination in the Amazon.

News and Events | February 14, 2011
Civil Society Organizations Call on UN Women to Prioritize Economic and Social Rights

New UN agency will direct UN activities on gender equality and empowerment of women and girls.

News and Events | February 13, 2011
Human Rights and Development: Taking Stock, Moving Forward

In September 2010, immediately following the UN MDG review summit, CESR joined forces with Realizing Rights to reflect on longer-term strategies for transforming the dominant development paradigm through human rights advocacy. Post-MDG 2010 review summit meeting organized by Realizing Rights and CESR

News and Events | February 3, 2011
Defining Business Respect For and Protection of Human Rights

NGOs respond to a new UN framework on business and human rights.

News and Events | February 3, 2011
Disparities Underlie Calls for Change

Disparities between youth and adults, and between men and women, especially in health, education and labor rights, reveal much.

News and Events | February 3, 2011
CESR condemns assault, coercion and threats of human rights workers and journalists in Egypt

Crackdown campaign betrays an apparent attempt to stifle the flow of information, silence independent reporting and to eliminate potential witnesses to further government repressions that may occur in the coming days.

News and Events | December 14, 2010
CESR at the UN: the United States' human rights obligations (video).

The obligation of every government is to protect, respect, and fulfill economic and social rights. Watch CESR's comments and those of our allies about the United States' responsibilities.

News and Events | December 12, 2010
Rolling back economic and social rights to aid the banks?

Should Ireland cut the protection of economic and social rights to finance this deficit? And who is bearing the burden of these cuts?

News and Events | November 29, 2010
Climate Change And Human Rights: Will Cancun Deliver?

As countries converge on Cancun this week for the 2010 UN Climate Change Conference, can it deliver what Copenhagen could not? Including human rights can help bring climate justice to the center of negotiations.

News and Events | November 11, 2010
Time for the G20 to be global leaders where it counts

As the G20 convenes this week in Seoul, will the world's most powerful leaders take their human rights obligations into consideration as they convene to discuss the global economy?

News and Events | November 9, 2010
US Must Not Betray Freedom from Want

Call comes as the United Nations issues 228 recommendations to the United States on human rights improvement.

News and Events | November 2, 2010
Human Rights Groups Urge the United States to Place Greater Focus on Achieving Freedom from Want

Call Comes as the United States Appears Before the United Nations to Report on Human Rights Compliance.

News and Events | October 24, 2010
CESR to co-host event on U.S. human rights record at the UN

November 5 in Geneva: "Building Foundations for Freedom from Want in the Land of Plenty"

News and Events | October 20, 2010
UNESCO Suspends Dictator Prize After Global Protest

CESR and its partners welcomed UNESCO's decision today to suspend, indefinitely, the prize funded by and named after President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea.

News and Events | September 22, 2010
Spain First to Ratify New UN Protocol on ESCR

CESR and allies welcome Spain's ratification of the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR.

News and Events | September 16, 2010
Building a Global Partnership for Development through MDG 8

MDG 8 sets a wide range of targets on trade, aid, debt and increasing access to new technologies and essential medicines. However, a review of progress on consolidating a global partnership reveals worrying trends about rich countries' commitment to the attainment of the MDGs.

News and Events | September 16, 2010
Message to UN General Assembly: "Don't forget human rights in achieving the Millennium Goals"

Top independent human rights experts call on world leaders attending next week's UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals "to be guided by human rights."

News and Events | September 14, 2010
A millennium promise, 10 years later

CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz says that the Millennium Declaration and the eight development goals that flowed from it risk going down in history as the most important promise never kept.

News and Events | September 14, 2010
The Millennium Summit: an opportunity to show leadership on women's rights

MDG 5, which focuses on improving maternal health, has been the most neglected and underfunded. Not surprisingly, it has shown very uneven progress.

News and Events | September 9, 2010
Maternal Health Goal May Be Furthest Off-Target

Lack of accountability hampers achievement of MDG 5 on reducing maternal mortality and increasing access to reproductive health care, writes CESR Board Chair Alicia Yamin in a recent journal article.

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