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News and Events | May 25, 2018
Latin American countries must reform their fiscal policies to guarantee human rights

Unjust fiscal policy measures adopted by some Latin American countries strip basic social protections from populations, creating rights deficits and sowing unrest.

News and Events | May 24, 2018
Latin American national human rights representatives trained in ESCR

CESR’s Mihir Mankad and Sergio Chaparro facilitated a regional training workshop on economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

News and Events | May 18, 2018
Developing human rights indicators for the SDGs in South Africa

May 4: Allison Corkery presented in Johannesburg on the role of national human rights institutions in developing human rights indicators for the SDGs.

News and Events | May 16, 2018
Human Rights in an Age of Austerity: casualty or compass?

Media: Preventing another “lost decade” will require us to see human rights values not as merely collateral damage of economic policy, but as cogent and universal norms actively guiding tough fiscal dilemmas in the public’s interest.

News and Events | May 10, 2018
Fiscal Policies and the Safeguarding of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru

Fiscal Policies and the Safeguarding of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Latin America

News and Events | May 2, 2018
Is Human Rights Advocacy Off Track?

Media: IHRB blog post by Salil Tripathi in response to Samuel Moyne points out CESR as an organization with a track record of using human rights to campaign for distributional fairness.

News and Events | April 25, 2018
Making the link between sustainable development and human rights obligations

March 24: CESR's Kate Donald and Allison Corkery consulted with the UN CESCR to inform a potential General Comment on Sustainable Development.

News and Events | April 25, 2018
The SDGs and gender equality: empty promises or beacon of hope?

Media: Kate Donald and Silke Staab's submission to Open Global Rights on the importance of linking the SDGs to human rights to advance gender equality.

Basic page, News and Events | April 17, 2018
A Lost Decade for Equality, Development and Human Rights?

A Lost Decade for Equality, Development and Human Rights? Assessing Austerity and its Alternatives 10 years after the global financial crisis Friday, April 20th | 9-10.30amInternational Monetary Fund HQ2 03B-838B

News and Events | April 13, 2018
Egypt's Economy: Turning a Corner or Going in Circles? Civil Society Perspectives

Thursday, April 19th, 2018, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.Bank Information Center (BIC), 10th Floor, 1023 15th St. NW, Washington, DC  20005

News and Events | April 10, 2018
United Nations urges Spain to end detrimental austerity measures

Press release: UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights calls for a more redistributive fiscal system that addresses rising economic and social inequalities

News and Events, Statements | April 10, 2018
United Nations urges Spain to end detrimental austerity measures

This statement is available in pdf format in EnglishEsta declaración está disponible en formato pdf en español

News and Events | April 10, 2018
Assisting Human Rights Council as it assesses rights impacts of austerity

March 1: At UN Human Rights Council, Niko Lusiani supports Guiding Principles for assessing rights impacts of austerity and other economic reform policies.

News and Events | March 21, 2018
CESR and Spanish partners brief UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Geneva on a decade of austerity in Spain

Press release:  CESR and 35 Spanish organizations denounce government for failing to fulfill obligations guaranteeing economic, social and cultural rights.

News and Events | February 27, 2018
Tax Justice Network's U.S. tax reform podcast: The killing of the American Dream

27 February: Niko Lusiani discusses the link between U.S. tax reforms and human rights deprivations on Tax Justice Network's latest podcast.

News and Events | February 12, 2018
Human Rights and Agenda 2030: Wilton Park conference assesses challenges and opportunities

15-17 January: Ignacio Saiz presented at the Human Rights and Agenda 2030 event in Wilton Park, discussing the potential for the Sustainable Development Goals to advance human rights.

News and Events | January 29, 2018
IACHR calls on states to adopt human rights-based fiscal policies to eradicate poverty

29 January: IACHR report acknowledges links between poverty and human rights in the Americas, referencing CESR-led coalition's briefing on relevance of fiscal policies.

News and Events | January 23, 2018
"Human Rights in Times of Austerity" covered in thirty Brazilian publications and websites

Media: New factsheet "Human Rights in Times of Austerity" received coverage from at least thirty Brazilian publications and websites in the past month.

News and Events | January 12, 2018
Kathryn Sikkink book cites CESR's call for a "tax policy for human rights"

Media:  Human rights expert writes that CESR stands out when citing tax havens as a drain on available resources that could provide adequate economic and social rights.

News and Events | December 21, 2017
Methodological choices in human rights research are political, not just technical

Media: The methods human rights researchers and advocates use determine what injustices we see and prioritize, making methodology far more than just a technical choice.

News and Events | December 20, 2017
UN special rapporteurs play catalytic role in promoting ESCR

20 December: CESR recently participated in a roundtable discussion concerning the catalytic role the UNHRC special rapporteurs play in promoting ESCR.

News and Events | December 14, 2017
Brazil's austerity cap stunting rights to food, health and education

Press release: CESR and partners present new empirical findings on austerity’s severe impact on food security, health and education in Brazil.

News and Events | December 13, 2017
U.S. Tax Plan’s Spiraling Consequences for Human Rights and Poverty – At Home and Abroad

Media: CESR's Niko Lusiani writes in FACTCoalition about CESR bringing the human rights costs of the proposed U.S. tax cuts to the attention of leading UN human rights official Philip Alston now investigating poverty in the country.

News and Events | December 11, 2017
How Data Is Helping in the Struggle for the Right to Education in South Africa

Media: CESR's Allison Corkery writes in Open Society Foundations Voices blog about using OPERA tool with Legal Resources Centre to identify indicators and analyze data for tracking implementation in South African education rights case.

News and Events | December 8, 2017
Ignacio Saiz at UN dialogue discusses aligning SDGs with human rights commitments

28 November: CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz joined UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, Philip Alston, at UN dialogue focused on aligning SDGs with existing human rights commitments.

News and Events | December 8, 2017
CESR presents on inequality and the SDGs at Beirut CSO workshop

30 November - 1 December: Kate Donald discussed austerity, regressive taxation and tax evasion at workshop with Arab NGO Network for Development and the Issam Fares Institute.

News and Events | December 6, 2017
CESR raises concerns about US tax bill before UN human rights and poverty expert visiting the country

6 December: CESR Statement: As U.S. Congress considers drastically altering its tax code, CESR presented human rights costs of proposed cuts to the attention of visiting UN human rights and poverty official.

News and Events | December 1, 2017
CESR submission to UN Special Rapporteur warns of proposed U.S. tax plan's ill effects on human rights

CESR submission asserts that pending U.S. tax plan deepens inequalities in the U.S. and beyond.

News and Events | November 29, 2017
New ESCR tools and methodologies introduced to Buenos Aires Public Defender

In November, CESR's Sergio Chaparro participated in a workshop with the Ministerio Público de la Defensa of Buenos Aires about how to use the OPERA framework in the department's daily work.

News and Events | October 31, 2017
Assessing austerity’s human rights impacts at OHCHR

9 November 2017: Program director Niko Lusiani presented CESR’s proposal informing the Guiding Principles for Human Rights Impact Assessments of Economic Reform Policies at the Offices of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva.

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