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Our Work, Publications | October 7, 2021
2020 Annual Report

In our 2020 annual report, you can learn how we reaffirmed our determination to harness the transformative power of human rights to advance economic and environmental justice.

Our Work, Publications | October 15, 2020
2019 Annual Report

CESR's annual report for 2019 surveys the impact of our work in a year when millions around the world took to the streets. It shares some of the progress we made—in countries around the world, in international human rights and development spaces, and in the broader field of social justice activism which we serve.

Our Work | June 3, 2020
Envisioning a Rights-Based Economy: CESR’s New Strategy 2020-2023

CESR releases its 2020-2023 strategy in a moment ripe for mobilization towards systemic change. At its heart is an ambitious goal to envision a human rights-based economy and catalyze action towards it.

News and Events, Our Work | October 18, 2019
CESR at 25: Achievements and Challenges in a Milestone Year

CESR releases its annual report for 2018, a milestone year that marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of our founding as the first international NGO to bring human rights to the struggle for economic and social justice.

Our Work | May 2, 2019
Tackling Economic Inequality Through Human Rights

Extreme economic inequality is increasingly recognized as one of the most pervasive threats to human rights of our time. Combating extreme economic inequality has been at the core of CESR’s mission for many years.  Our research and advocacy demonstrate how the rise in extreme inequality is both a cause and consequence of human rights violations. Income and wealth disparities have also been shown to translate directly into starkly unequal economic and social rights outcomes, such as in education, health and life expectancy, and they also entrench gender inequality more deeply.  

News and Events, Our Work | November 14, 2018
Celebrating CESR's 25th Anniversary: Event Photos

CESR 25th Anniversary Reception

Our Work | March 31, 2017
CESR’s work before the United Nations human rights system

CESR seeks to strengthen accountability mechanisms within the UN system to address economic and social rights.

Our Work | March 31, 2017
Supporting Rights Claiming

CESR works in partnership with activists, lawyers and other advocates around the world to expose deficits in national laws and policies, to promote reforms that align national with international standards and principles.

Our Work | November 3, 2016
Rights Claiming and Accountability

CESR works to increase accountability for violations of economic and social rights, in particular violations that stem from chronic, systemic failures to fulfill these rights. Issue areas: Advancing Rights Monitoring Supporting Rights Claiming Strengthening Accountability Mechanisms

Our Work | April 19, 2016
Rights monitoring: community of practice

CESR facilitates collective thinking around how to monitor economic and social rights, so as to connecting patterns of preventable deprivations of rights to policy failures.

Our Work | November 25, 2015
Legal enforcement

Litigation is a critical tactic for claiming economic and social rights and key means of ensuring accountability for rights violations. Over the last two decades, advocates and activists have been able to use the courts to mount successful challenges to a broad range of unjust and discriminatory laws and policies related to economic and social rights. Cases have been brought to address, amongst other things, the lack access to HIV/AIDS medicines, discriminatory housing policies, and the availability of furniture in schools.

Our Work | August 3, 2015
Human Rights in Sustainable Development

Persistent pressure will be necessary to shift the trajectory of global development onto a just, sustainable and human rights-realizing path. CESR is advocating for human rights-informed implementation and monitoring of the SDG commitments to tackle inequalities, including economic inequality. Issue Areas: Human Rights in Sustainable Development Economic and Social Rights in Countries in Transition Environmental and Climate Justice

Our Work | August 3, 2015
Human Rights in Economic Policy

When a tiny handful of elite individuals control more wealth than the rest of humanity, and countless millions are denied their most basic human rights, unchecked inequality has become a major threat to basic human dignity, not to mention social and economic stability. CESR is on the vanguard of a burgeoning movement that is seeking to bridge the longstanding divide between human rights and economic policy.   Issue Areas: Principles for Human Rights in Fiscal Policy Austerity and its Alternatives Challenging Fiscal Injustice through Human Rights Resourcing a Just Recovery from COVID-19