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Case studies, Essays, Publications | February 24, 2010
Documenting the Global Recession: Crisis and Opportunity

New publication of photographs highlights human rights during times of economic crisis.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | December 27, 2009
Guatemala: Rights or Privileges?

Fiscal commitments and the rights to food, health and education in Guatemala (2009).

Publications, Submissions | December 6, 2009
Equatorial Guinea: Submission to Universal Periodic Review

CESR individual submission to the OHCHR on the occasion of the sixth session of the Universal Periodic Review, December 2009.

Academic pieces, Publications | November 30, 2009
Measuring Economic and Social Rights to Hold Governments Accountable

In the OECD Journal on Development "Measuring Human Rights and Democratic Governance" CESR presents a framework for measuring economic and social rights.

Factsheets, Publications | November 20, 2009
Hoja Informativa sobre Guinea Ecuatorial

Guinea Ecuatorial se ha convertido en el país más rico en renta per capita del África subsahariana.

Publications, Submissions | November 6, 2009
Cambodia: Submission to UN Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

CESR individual submission to sixth session of the Universal Periodic Review, December 2009

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2009
Cambodia Factsheet

A graphic overview of selected elements of the human rights to health, food, education, housing and water (2009).

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2009
Madagascar Factsheet

CESR's 2009 factsheet on Madagascar provides a graphic overview of the rights to food, health and water.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2009
Equatorial Guinea Factsheet

This 2009 factsheet focuses on the rights to health, education, water and sanitation.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | September 13, 2009
Human Rights and the Economic Crisis

A new CESR briefing explores the human rights dimensions of the global economic crisis: its consequences, causes and responses.

Academic pieces, Publications | July 16, 2009
Rights in Recession?

CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz on the challenges for economic and social rights enforcement during economic crisis.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2009
Guatemala Factsheet

This 2008 factsheet focuses on the rights to health, food and education in Guatemala.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2009
Bangladesh Factsheet

In light of Bangladesh's appearance before the Committee on the Rights of the Child in May 2009, this factsheet looks at the realization of economic and social rights for Bangladesh's children.

Factsheets, Publications | March 19, 2009
Cambodia's Economic and Social Rights Under Scrutiny

A new CESR analysis asks if Cambodia is dedicating maximum available resources to realizing economic and social rights

Publications, Reports & Briefings | March 2, 2009
Bringing Human Rights to Bear in Times of Crisis

A human rights analysis of government responses to the economic crisis

Publications, Reports & Briefings | December 4, 2008
Poverty and Human Rights: is poverty a violation of human rights?

Poverty is an assault on human dignity, but it can also reflect a violation of human rights when it is the direct consequence of government policy or is caused by the failure of governments to act.

Academic pieces, Publications | November 15, 2008
How can we use quantitative methods to monitor ESC rights?

Edward Anderson, from the University of East Anglia examines how quantitative methods could be incorporated to assess governments' compliance with their human rights obligations.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | November 4, 2008
Guatemalan state systematically violates economic and social rights of citizens

New CESR study on health, education and food says fiscal and tax policy is largely responsible.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2008
Angola Factsheet

Although Angola has one of the highest GDP per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa, average life expectancy is 41 years and 69 percent of Angolans live below the poverty line.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2008
Kenya Factsheet

Sharp disparities between provinces suggest the government's duty of non-discrimination is not being met.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2008
Bolivia Factsheet

Inequality in education and health, and regional disparities in child mortality, in Bolivia are striking.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2008
India Factsheet

India had higher economic growth from 1995 to 2005 than its South Asian neighbors, but also one of the smallest declines in under-five mortality rates.

Publications, Submissions | June 2, 2008
Guatemala: Submission to the UPR

Submission by CESR and Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Fiscales (ICEFI) to the Universal Periodic Review, May 2008

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 2004
Beyond Torture: US Violations of Occupation Law in Iraq

This report, from June 2004, presents ten categories of US violations of the laws of occupation.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 2004
The Right to Health in the United States

The US health care system falls short of international standards for the right to health (2004).

Factsheets, Manuals & Guides, Publications | December 17, 2003
United States: Fighting for the Right to Education

CESR has focused on efforts to improve educational standards in New York City public schools by bringing a human rights perspective to education issues.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 2003
Iraq: Water under seige

From April 2003, this report examines the lack of safe water in Iraq caused by the war.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 2003
The Human Cost of War in Iraq

In January 2003, a CESR organized a research mission to Iraq to assess the likely humanitarian consequences of war.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | June 1, 2003
Thirsting for Justice

This 2003 report exposes the ways in which Israel has taken complete control of shared Palestinian-Israeli water sources.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | March 3, 2003
Tearing up the Rules: The Illegality of Invading Iraq

In March 2003, CESR presented a comprehensive analysis of why a war against Iraq would be unequivocally illegal.

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