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Factsheets, Publications | July 10, 2020
Peru: Financing a Just Recovery to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Behind a facade of economic success, Peru hides deep multidimensional inequalities which jeopardize achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

Factsheets, Publications | November 3, 2016
Switzerland Factsheet

Joint submission and factsheet to the UN Committee on the Elimination of of Discrimination Against Women show how Swiss role as tax haven undermines women's rights in developing countries.

Factsheets, Manuals & Guides, Publications | January 15, 2016
Human Rights for All Post-2015: A Litmus Test

The Post-2015 Human Rights Caucus has developed a Litmus Test to be used to evaluate whether proposals for the post-2015 framework respect and reflect pre-existing human rights norms.

Factsheets, Publications | January 14, 2015
Spain: Austerity driving poverty, inequality, human rights deterioration

Factsheet illustrates how austerity is driving violations of economic and social rights in Spain (2015).

Factsheets, Publications | February 16, 2014
Rights regressions and short-sighted austerity policies in Egypt

Factsheet provides a concise statistical snapshot of worrying trends in the country (2013).

Factsheets, Publications | May 7, 2012
Spain Factsheet (2012)

2012 factsheet on economic, social and cultural rights in Spain since the economic crisis took hold in 2007.

Factsheets, Publications | June 29, 2010
United States Factsheet

Despite its wealth, the United States has one the poorest records of economic and social rights achievement of all high-income countries.

Factsheets, Publications | November 20, 2009
Hoja Informativa sobre Guinea Ecuatorial

Guinea Ecuatorial se ha convertido en el país más rico en renta per capita del África subsahariana.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2009
Equatorial Guinea Factsheet

This 2009 factsheet focuses on the rights to health, education, water and sanitation.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2009
Madagascar Factsheet

CESR's 2009 factsheet on Madagascar provides a graphic overview of the rights to food, health and water.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2009
Cambodia Factsheet

A graphic overview of selected elements of the human rights to health, food, education, housing and water (2009).

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2009
Bangladesh Factsheet

In light of Bangladesh's appearance before the Committee on the Rights of the Child in May 2009, this factsheet looks at the realization of economic and social rights for Bangladesh's children.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2009
Guatemala Factsheet

This 2008 factsheet focuses on the rights to health, food and education in Guatemala.

Factsheets, Publications | March 19, 2009
Cambodia's Economic and Social Rights Under Scrutiny

A new CESR analysis asks if Cambodia is dedicating maximum available resources to realizing economic and social rights

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2008
Angola Factsheet

Although Angola has one of the highest GDP per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa, average life expectancy is 41 years and 69 percent of Angolans live below the poverty line.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2008
Kenya Factsheet

Sharp disparities between provinces suggest the government's duty of non-discrimination is not being met.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2008
India Factsheet

India had higher economic growth from 1995 to 2005 than its South Asian neighbors, but also one of the smallest declines in under-five mortality rates.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2008
Bolivia Factsheet

Inequality in education and health, and regional disparities in child mortality, in Bolivia are striking.

Factsheets, Manuals & Guides, Publications | December 17, 2003
United States: Fighting for the Right to Education

CESR has focused on efforts to improve educational standards in New York City public schools by bringing a human rights perspective to education issues.

Factsheets, Publications | June 9, 2002
The Right to Water in Palestine: a Background

The Israeli confiscation and control of Palestinian water resources is a defining feature of the Israeli occupation and a major impediment to resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict.