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Manuals & Guides, Publications | July 27, 2020
An Advocacy Toolkit for Fiscal Justice and Human Rights

The Advocacy Toolkit assists civil society organizations who want to leverage human rights standards and strategies in their pursuit of accountability for injustices rooted in economic policy.

Manuals & Guides, Publications | August 26, 2016
DatNav: new guide to digital data in human rights research

Resource: DatNav is a new guide, produced with the collaboration of CESR.

Factsheets, Manuals & Guides, Publications | January 15, 2016
Human Rights for All Post-2015: A Litmus Test

The Post-2015 Human Rights Caucus has developed a Litmus Test to be used to evaluate whether proposals for the post-2015 framework respect and reflect pre-existing human rights norms.

Manuals & Guides, Publications | September 15, 2015
Defending Dignity: A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions

The Asia Pacific Forum (APF) and CESR are pleased to release a new manual designed to strengthen the role of NHRIs in monitoring economic and social rights.

Manuals & Guides, Publications, Reports & Briefings | March 16, 2015
Accountability for the post-2015 agenda: A proposal for a robust global review mechanism

CESR and its partners have developed a proposal for a robust monitoring mechanism for post-2015 development.

Manuals & Guides, Publications | March 20, 2011
New primer aims to strengthen monitoring by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

New primer to enable more effective monitoring of economic, social and cultural rights in the East African country.

Factsheets, Manuals & Guides, Publications | December 17, 2003
United States: Fighting for the Right to Education

CESR has focused on efforts to improve educational standards in New York City public schools by bringing a human rights perspective to education issues.