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Publications | November 20, 2017
An Overview of the Agenda 2030 and its SDGs: What is the status of implementation?

CESR Remarks to the NANHRI 11th Biennial Conference, November 2017        

Publications | November 8, 2017
OPERA in Practice: Implementation of Strategic Litigation in South Africa

CESR's OPERA framework tracks South African court's mandate on education rights.

Publications | October 3, 2017
The IMF, Gender Equality and Expenditure Policy

New briefing on the IMF's fluctuating positions on austerity as it impacts women.

Publications | August 19, 2017
Resourcing Rights: Combating Tax Injustice from a Human Rights Perspective

From Human Rights and Public Finance: Budgets and the Promotion of Economic and Social Rights, edited by Aoife Nolan, Rory O'Connell and Colin Harvey

Publications | July 28, 2017
Seeking accountability for women’s rights through the SDGs

Briefing examines using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve accountability for women's rights.

Publications | July 9, 2017
Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2017

New global civil society report spotlights big business role in fuelling inequalities as UN High Level Political Forum opens.

Publications | June 26, 2017
Andean region: towards a new fiscal reform agenda for equality and rights

New report: Fiscal Policy for Equality and Rights: Mapping debates, initiatives and actors in the Andean Region

Publications | February 10, 2017
Egypt’s IMF deal: a huge price tag for human rights

The impacts of structural adjustment reforms associated with the loan raise strong human rights concerns, particularly for the status of economic and social  rights.

Factsheets, Publications | November 3, 2016
Switzerland Factsheet

Joint submission and factsheet to the UN Committee on the Elimination of of Discrimination Against Women show how Swiss role as tax haven undermines women's rights in developing countries.

Publications | November 1, 2016
From Disparity to Dignity: Inequality and the SDGs

CESR is proud to present a new briefing examining the human rights issues at stake in SDG10 and offering a set of human rights-based policy proposals to ensure the promise of this goal is fulfilled.

Publications | September 12, 2016
Development without rights? Uganda to face United Nations scrutiny

Graphic evidence of chronic deprivations of economic and social rights in Uganda has been presented in Kampala.

Manuals & Guides, Publications | August 26, 2016
DatNav: new guide to digital data in human rights research

Resource: DatNav is a new guide, produced with the collaboration of CESR.

Publications | June 9, 2016
The Universal Periodic Review: a skewed agenda?

New research by CESR and the Sciences Po Human Rights Clinic reveals important shortcomings that in the UPR's attention to certain rights.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | May 10, 2016
Política Fiscal y Derechos Humanos en Tiempos de Austeridad

Documento de síntesis: Diálogo auspiciado por la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) en el marco del 157 periodo de sesiones.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | March 2, 2016
The Measure of Progress: how human rights should inform SDG indicators

As the dust settles on the UN Sustainable Development Summit, a new CESR briefing explores how human rights should inform the selection of SDG indicators that are currently being debated.

Publications, Submissions | March 2, 2016
Switzerland's financial secrecy scrutinized under human rights spotlight

UN submission: A coalition of civil society organizations has called on CEDAW to examine the extra-territorial impacts of Switzerland’s financial legislation on women’s rights.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | February 2, 2016
Redistributing unpaid care work: why tax matters for women’s rights

Tax policies need to focus on women’s human rights and unpaid care work.

Academic pieces, Publications | February 1, 2016
Transforming fact-finding to realize economic and social rights

New book includes a chapter by Allison Corkery, Director of CESR’s Rights Claiming and Accountability Program, on fact-finding methodologies and the multidimensional nature of chronic  deprivations.

Publications, Reports & Briefings, Submissions | January 20, 2016
Fiscal policy and human rights in the Americas

For the first time, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has played host to a thematic hearing specifically focused on fiscal policy and human rights.

Factsheets, Manuals & Guides, Publications | January 15, 2016
Human Rights for All Post-2015: A Litmus Test

The Post-2015 Human Rights Caucus has developed a Litmus Test to be used to evaluate whether proposals for the post-2015 framework respect and reflect pre-existing human rights norms.

Manuals & Guides, Publications | September 15, 2015
Defending Dignity: A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions

The Asia Pacific Forum (APF) and CESR are pleased to release a new manual designed to strengthen the role of NHRIs in monitoring economic and social rights.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | August 19, 2015
Taking stock of two decades of economic and social rights advocacy

Publication: Leading figures from the economic and social rights movement take stock of the state of the field.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | June 9, 2015
Egypt: Widespread rights retrogression exposed before UPR

The 11 briefing papers in this series were prepared by CESR and the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

Publications, Reports & Briefings | June 6, 2015
Fiscal Fallacies: 8 Myths about the 'Age of Austerity'

This briefing challenges eight widespread yet misguided perceptions about economic policy in times of crisis, and suggests human rights-centered policy alternatives.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | June 1, 2015
National Human Rights Institutions can help ensure post-2015 goals deliver

Briefing: A new document from CESR and the Danish Institute for Human Rights explains the role NHRIs should play in post-2015 development.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | May 25, 2015
Responsibilities beyond borders: unlocking the post-2015 stalemate

Briefing: Human rights can provide a fresh lens in post-2015 negotiations

Manuals & Guides, Publications, Reports & Briefings | March 16, 2015
Accountability for the post-2015 agenda: A proposal for a robust global review mechanism

CESR and its partners have developed a proposal for a robust monitoring mechanism for post-2015 development.

Academic pieces, Publications | March 4, 2015
Indicators for a post-2015 fiscal revolution

Working paper: CESR and Christian Aid offer some rights-based proposals for the post-2015 indicator framework.

Factsheets, Publications | January 14, 2015
Spain: Austerity driving poverty, inequality, human rights deterioration

Factsheet illustrates how austerity is driving violations of economic and social rights in Spain (2015).

Factsheets, Publications | February 16, 2014
Rights regressions and short-sighted austerity policies in Egypt

Factsheet provides a concise statistical snapshot of worrying trends in the country (2013).

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