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Publications | April 15, 2019
ESPI Annual Report 2018: Measuring Progress Towards Improved Wellbeing in Egypt

CESR's Egypt Social Progress Indicators project has published the first independent, systematic review of socioeconomic development in Egypt.

Publications | April 2, 2019
Meeting the Demands for Economic and Social Justice: Joint Submission on the Situation of Economic and Social Rights in Egypt

Fiscal austerity in Egypt has entrenched and worsened existing patterns of poverty, inequality and exclusion.    

Publications | April 2, 2019
Abusive Tax Practices of Companies and Human Rights in the Americas

Abusive corporate tax practices are a structural obstacle to human rights fulfillment in the Americas.

Publications, Submissions | March 13, 2019
Submission to the OECD regarding the tax challenges of digitalization and possible solutions

Submission by the Initiative for Human Rights Principles and Guidelines in Fiscal Policy in Latin America to the OECD.

Publications | January 30, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators: Urbanization

There are a number of policy areas that need substantial improvements to ensure Egypt’s urban development plans are sustainable and contribute to social progress. 

Publications | January 30, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators: Labor

There  is a need for broad policy change to improve socioeconomic wellbeing, labor conditions and employment outcomes in Egypt.

Publications | January 30, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators: Economic Policy

The ESPI Factsheet on Economic Policy demonstrates that the Egyptian economy has significant room for improvement when it comes to directing economic policy priorities towards improving socioeconomic wellbeing. 

Publications | January 7, 2019
Beyond Boundaries: Allying human rights with other struggles for social and economic justice

The August 2018 international convening identified strategies for more dynamic engagement between economic and social rights actors and others working for similar goals.

Publications | November 9, 2018
Center for Economic and Social Rights Brochure

CESR promotes socioeconomic and development policies that reduce inequality and realize economic and social rights, and we support efforts by civil society and affected communities to claim their rights. 

Publications | October 1, 2018
Austerity in the Midst of Inequality Threatens Human Rights in South Africa

Enjoyment of the rights laid out in the South African Constitution remains elusive for the majority of people. 

Publications, Submissions | September 10, 2018
Joint Submission to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for South Africa’s first period report, 64th Session, October 2018

South Africa submission explores the State's obligation to use “maximum available resources" and argues against austerity.

Publications | July 16, 2018
Spotlight on Sustainable Development 2018

Spotlight Report 2018 asserts that fundamental policy changes are necessary for the SDGs to meet their potential.

Publications | July 13, 2018
What are the obstacles to sustainable development? HLPF postcards illustrate national level lessons

Country postcards produced for the High-Level Political Forum draw attention to systemic obstacles impeding the SDGs.

Publications | May 10, 2018
Executive summary of report to IACHR on fiscal policies and ESCR in Latin America

Executive summary for the thematic hearing on fiscal policy in Latin America for IACHR sessions.

Publications | May 1, 2018
Mapping evidence in national litigation on economic and social rights

Courts rely on specialized evidence like technical data in pursuing an economic and social rights claim.        

Publications | April 30, 2018
Spanish austerity violates health, housing, sexual and reproductive health and rights

Factsheet demonstrates how Spanish austerity disproportionately affects vulnerable populations.

Publications | April 30, 2018
Colombia: Fiscal Policy, Peace and Human Rights

Colombia is in the process of entering the OECD, but lags on indicators in social and fiscal areas.  

Publications | April 18, 2018
OPERA in Practice: Silenced Minds - The Systemic Neglect of Mental Health in Kenya

CESR and partners used OPERA to monitor the government's fulfillment of the right to mental health.

Publications | April 18, 2018
OPERA in Practice: Defending Reproductive Rights of Angolan Women

CESR and partners' submission to CEDAW about women's reproductive rights in Angola.

Publications | April 18, 2018
OPERA in Practice: Human Rights in Ireland's Economic Meltdown

CESR analyzed Ireland’s economic crisis and subsequent austerity policies. 

Publications | April 17, 2018
OPERA in Practice: Visibilizing Rights in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

CESR compiled a factsheet as a snapshot illustrating rights realization in Egypt in 2013.  

Publications | April 10, 2018
Assessing Austerity: Monitoring human rights in fiscal crises

Slide presentation to UN Human Rights Council on "Assessing Austerity: Monitoring Human Rights in Fiscal Crises"  

Publications | March 16, 2018
Executive summary of joint submission to UN CESCR for Spain review, March 2018

Report denounces cuts depriving health, housing, work, sexual and reproductive health rights.

Publications, Submissions | March 15, 2018
Full submission to UN CESCR for Spain review, March 2018

El informe denuncia los recortes que privan a la salud, la vivienda, el trabajo y los derechos de salud sexual y reproductiva.

Publications | February 27, 2018
Assessing Austerity: Monitoring the Human Rights Impacts of Fiscal Consolidation

Practical guidance for policymakers seeking to address the foreseeable human rights consequences of austerity. 

Publications | February 12, 2018
Agenda 2030: overview of opportunities to strengthen international and regional human rights frameworks

Remarks by CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz at the "Human Rights and Agenda 2030" event in Wilton Park, UK.

Publications | January 31, 2018
Rough Guide to World Development Report: Governance and the Law

Recommendations on how activists can use the WDR to advance economic and social rights.

Publications | January 29, 2018
Briefing for IACHR’s Report on Poverty and Human Rights in the Americas

IACHR briefing on relevance of fiscal policies for reducing poverty and human rights violations in the Americas. 

Publications | December 13, 2017
Brazil's Human Rights Advances Imperiled by Austerity Measures

Human rights advances in Brazil are at risk from the government's severe austerity measures.

Publications | December 1, 2017
Fiscal Impoverishment in the United States: Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Poverty and Human Rights

CESR’s formal submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, Philip Alston, ahead of his official visit to the United States. The submission warns that the proposed tax plans will only deepen poverty and inequality within the U.S., while also enabling transnational tax abuse and therefore undermining the ability of countries around the world to invest in human rights. 

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