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Blog | April 10, 2014
Civil society rallies to prevent privatization of post-2015 process

The private sector is threatening to drown out civil society's demands for a human rights-based sustainable development framework.

Blog | March 30, 2014
Ireland: Post-crisis Constitutional Convention calls for economic and social rights

Consultations have revealed overwhelming support for incorporation of ESCR provisions in the crisis-hit country's constitution.

Blog | January 30, 2014
Putting rights at the centre of 'data revolution'

Speaking at a UNDP conference on 'Data and Accountability', CESR's Allison Corkery sets out the rights issues at stake in informational planning for the post-2015 era.

Blog | January 26, 2014
Visions and Voices for Human Rights

Forum summary: On 24 September 2013 CESR and its partners organized a side event at the UN General Assembly to discuss integration of human rights into the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.

Blog | December 16, 2013
Human rights take centre stage at UN post-2015 debate

Member states at the Open-Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals have reiterated the call for human rights to be a foundation stone of the post-2015 agenda.

Blog | December 6, 2013
CESR pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

CESR Board member Geoff Budlender, who served as Director-General of the Department of Land Affairs during Nelson Mandela's presidency, pays tribute to the late South African leader.

Blog | November 22, 2013
Egypt rights activists take struggle to Geneva

CESR and its partners travelled to Geneva as Egypt was reviewed at the 51st session of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Blog | October 22, 2013
FTT: Robin Hood advocates undeterred by challengers

Blog: Momentum towards the implementation of a financial transactions tax in Europe is facing new obstacles. With success seeming so close yet so far, campaigners are redoubling their efforts.

Blog | June 20, 2013
Accountability Not Austerity Can Help Prevent Next Financial Crisis

Niko Lusiani argues that systematic failures in accountability also helped cause the global financial crisis.

Blog | May 12, 2013
Major advance for social justice as 'OP' comes into force

On May 5 the long-awaited Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights finally entered into force.

Blog | March 3, 2013
UN conference hears resounding call for human rights-based governance post-2015

The need for more just forms of governance took center-stage at the UN Thematic Consultation on Governance and the Post-2015 Framework in Johannesburg last week.

Blog | January 19, 2013
King, Keynes and Obama's legacy at the IMF

As the US marks Martin Luther King Day, CESR Senior Researcher Niko Lusiani calls for the iconic leader's social justice vision to be remembered in contemporary social and economic policy.

Blog | December 19, 2012
From Kenya to Kuala Lumpur: boosting the role of national human rights institutions

2012 has seen the Center working closely with national human rights institutions in Kenya, New Zealand and Malaysia to boost their capacity to advance economic and social rights in their countries.

Blog | December 19, 2012
The year ahead: a critical step towards the world we want post-2015

The new global development framework must be grounded in the universal and pre-existing set of human rights norms, standards and operational principles.

Blog | November 7, 2012
UN expert body warns world of austerity threat to human rights

The UN General Assembly has been told that unchecked austerity measures are undermining human rights around the world

Blog | October 16, 2012
Immigrants’ rights in poor health: resisting cutbacks in Spain

Some 150,000 immigrants have lost their right to public health services under the latest cost-cutting measures implemented in Spain.

Blog | October 9, 2012
Europe moves forward on Robin Hood Tax while US balks

The 'Robin Hood Tax' has come one step closer after 11 European countries agreed to move forward with the initiative. Certain key states, including the US, remain opposed, however.

Blog | July 3, 2012
Post-MDGs: what next for a global development agenda that takes human rights seriously?

In June, a High Level Panel will be convened by the United Nations to take the lead in framing a proposed set of successor goals to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which are to be adopted by 2015, when the MDGs officially expire. Human rights should be the organizing framework for the new development agenda.

Blog | July 2, 2012
Tax and human rights: 'Robin Hood' no longer just a fairytale

Years of campaigning on the part of social justice organizations looks set to bear fruit in the near future after a group of 10 European countries agreed to move forward in implementing a regional financial transactions tax.

Blog | July 2, 2012
Blame it on Rio: Rights sidelined at crucial conference

The decision-makers gathered in Brazil did commit to establishing a set of Sustainable Development Goals, with the United Nations General Assembly to appoint a group of 30 experts by September to design the new “SDGs”.

Blog | June 20, 2012
Human Rights after Rio+20: failure is not an option

As the dust settles on a disappointing Rio+20 conference, the CESR blog explains why human rights norms and standards can and must inform the future course of global development.

Blog | May 6, 2012
Spain answers to UN for rights impacts of crisis response

Spain is appearing before the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for the first time in eight years.

Blog | February 28, 2012
Children in an urban world: Rights denied, opportunities squandered

Abid Aslam, Editor of Unicef's flagship report 'The State of the World's Children', examines the particular human rights challenges facing children in urban areas.

Blog | February 6, 2012
7 down, 3 to go: Momentum builds for economic and social rights complaints mechanism

Only three more ratifications are needed to make the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights operational.

Blog | December 14, 2011
Rights in crisis: confronting a threefold threat

It is not only the global economy that is in crisis. With markets toppling governments left and right, economic policy itself seems to be in a state of calamity.

Blog | December 14, 2011
Strengthening protection of economic and social rights in Kenya

CESR has been supporting KNCHR pioneering work on economic and social rights.

Blog | December 9, 2011
Time to address the economic and social rights deficit

As the world marks International Human Rights Day on December 10, CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz reflects on the status of economic and social rights in this age of austerity.

Blog | November 1, 2011
G-20 and financial regulation: what's at stake for economic and social rights?

As the self-selected rulers of the economic and financial universe gather in Cannes for the G20 summit, CESR Senior Researcher Niko Lusiani asks what's at stake for economic and social rights?

Blog | October 3, 2011
Ireland's economic & social rights record under the spotlight at United Nations

On Thursday October 6 Ireland will face the scrutiny of her peers at the at the UPR.

Blog | September 1, 2011
Political failures behind Horn of Africa crisis

Political indifference is as much to blame as drought for the spectre of famine's return to the Horn of Africa. Luke Holland explores the factors contributing to the crisis currently gripping the region.

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