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Blog | May 11, 2018
The next act for OPERA

The OPERA House project asks which tools human rights activists need to better understand and tackle the unjust socioeconomic structures that cause so many of the world’s human rights violations.

Blog | April 26, 2018
Economic inequality and human rights: towards a more nuanced assessment

The challenges facing human rights are not the death knell for the movement, but a wake up call for a more holistic approach.

Blog | April 24, 2018
The next act for OPERA: Part 2—How do we get there?

CESR wants to deepen its understanding of who is currently using OPERA or its related methodological tools, and how. We’re inviting interested collaborators to sign up to learn more about getting involved in the OPERA House project.

Blog | April 19, 2018
The next act for OPERA: Part 1—From where to where?

What tools do human rights activists need to better understand, and, more importantly, tackle, the unjust socioeconomic structures that cause so many of the world’s human rights violations? The Center for Economic and Social Rights is excited to embark on a new project over the next six months—the OPERA House—that seeks to answer that question.

Blog | April 17, 2018
IMF Springs: Reconciling conflicting messages on austerity and inequality

At the Spring Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank this week, CESR will share its work on human rights in times of austerity, and will promote more sufficient, equitable and accountable fiscal policies that uphold human rights.

Blog | March 1, 2018
Assessing Austerity: Tools for preventing another Lost Decade for human rights

Setting out a methodological framework for assessing and addressing the human rights impacts of fiscal consolidation.

Blog | February 15, 2018
Two years on, can human rights rescue the 2030 Agenda?

Two years since the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development came into force, a “business as usual” approach to implementation risks betraying its lofty ambition to “transform our world.”

Blog | December 22, 2017
Kenya: Using OPERA to ensure UN recommendations are met

While UN human rights bodies are issuing stronger recommendations on ESCR, CESR works with national partners around the world to build up implementation tracking mechanisms.

Blog | December 22, 2017
USA: Extreme poverty and inequality in a land of plenty

The UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights undertook a revealing fact-finding mission to the USA.

Blog | December 19, 2017
We can't afford another "lost decade"

Ignacio Saiz explains how CESR’s work this year pinpoints austerity as the single most pervasive threat to economic and social rights worldwide. Please consider making a year-end contribution toward CESR's efforts.

Blog | December 13, 2017
U.S. Tax Plan’s Spiraling Consequences for Human Rights and Poverty – At Home and Abroad

CESR's Niko Lusiani writes in FACTCoalition about CESR bringing the human rights costs of the proposed U.S. tax cuts to the attention of leading UN human rights official Philip Alston now investigating poverty in the country.

Blog | December 11, 2017
How Data Is Helping in the Struggle for the Right to Education in South Africa

CESR's Allison Corkery writes in Open Society Foundations Voices blog about using OPERA tool with Legal Resources Centre to identify indicators and analyze data for tracking implementation on South African education rights case.

Blog | November 22, 2017
Sharp data skills and strategic venue choices key to claiming ESCR

CESR workshopped with multiple European partners in Riga, Latvia to strengthen national human rights institutes' capacity to increase skills for handling ESCR complaints and monitoring socioeconomic policies.

Blog | November 21, 2017
Tax abuse and human rights: closing the gap between what’s legal and what’s just.

The Paradise Papers prompt a demand for an international convention ending cross-border tax abuse and financial secrecy. A transnational problem, tackling tax abuse requires a concerted global response.

Blog | November 8, 2017
OPERA in South Africa: How Strategic Litigation + Strong Data = Better Implementation

In a new case study, CESR and the Legal Resources Centre reflect on a joint project piloting the use of the OPERA framework to analyze implementation in a case on the right to education in South Africa.

Blog | October 10, 2017
IMF can safeguard women’s equality in an age of austerity

At the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings, CESR staffers discussed inequality, progressive fiscal policy and human rights while launching a briefing on austerity and women’s rights.

Blog | September 3, 2017
"OPERA-tionalizing" rights in Scotland’s new social security law

A workshop in Scotland asked how human rights can help design policies that tackle economic inequality and social exclusion.

Blog | July 25, 2017
Low-level performance at High-Level Political Forum

Blog: CESR reflects on the shortcomings of the 2017 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Blog | June 28, 2017
Tax competition & avoidance "inconsistent with human rights"

Blog: New CESCR General Comment details governments’ legal duties to prevent and address the adverse impacts of corporate tax avoidance on human rights.

Blog | June 19, 2017
The Politics of ‘Progress’: UN report paints a highly partial picture of SDG implementation

New SDG progress report confirms civil society fears that weak monitoring is undermining the agenda.

Blog | June 8, 2017
Made to measure? Using public policy guidelines as human rights benchmarks

Last month, CESR's Allison Corkery joined a group of practitioners and academics from diverse disciplines for a workshop organized by the Human Rights Methodology Lab.

Blog | March 3, 2017
Tackling inequality: the radical potential of the Sustainable Development Goals

A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on economic inequality and human rights by CESR's Kate Donald.

Blog | March 2, 2017
Corporate taxation key to protecting human rights in the global economy

UN expert body takes new steps to prevent corporate tax abuses, but more is needed to ensure companies pay their fair share.

Blog | February 13, 2017
Human rights, inequality, and the "orphan SDG"

The SDGs offer an opportunity to mobilize action against inequality, but our approaches and policy solutions must be informed by human rights.

Blog | July 18, 2016
Putting the spotlight on inequality at SDG review summit

Blog: inequality takes center stage at UN, as High-Level Political Forum promises to 'leave no one behind' in SDGs.

Blog | July 13, 2016
Will accountability be left behind at SDG review forum?

As the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) convenes this week, Kate Donald and Lena Kahler examine whether Agenda 2030 will live up to its promise to “leave no one behind”.

Blog, Video | April 15, 2016
Defending Dignity: Introduction

CESR and the Asia Pacific Forum (APF) present a new manual - ‘Defending Dignity’ - designed to strengthen the role of National Human Rights Institutions in monitoring and enforcing economic, social and cultural rights. The manual is complemented by a series of motion graphics and explanatory videos.This introduction unpacks the question of what is monitoring, and what should it mean for NHRIs getting to grips with economic, social and cultural rights. It covers a wide range of activities that NHRIs commonly undertake as part of their mandated functions.

Blog | April 12, 2016
Visions and Voices for Human Rights (24 September 2013)

On September 24 CESR, together with its partners IBON International and Amnesty International, organized a side event athe the United Nations in New York to push for the proper inclusion of human rights in the post-2015 development framework. This event, which enjoyed the support of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the permanent missions of Finland and Argentina to the United Nations, took place as the General Assembly met to discuss a process for agreeing the new development agenda. This video includes highlights from presentations at the side event.

Blog | April 12, 2016
CESR's work in Spain

CESR's allies in Spain reflect on the situation in their country - particularly regarding undocumented migrants who have been excluded from universal healthcare - and the contribution the Center has made.

Blog | March 8, 2016
SDG targets risk missing the mark on inequality

As the UN Statistical Commission debates final proposals for the SDG indicators, there is serious concern over the absence of a robust measure of inequality.

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