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Blog | August 15, 2011
Land Grabbing and Its Implications for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Each year, up to 30 million hectares of farmland are lost to land grabbing. Land grabbing has reached unprecedented levels in recent years and is an issue of critical concern for economic, social and cultural rights.

Blog | April 25, 2011
International Financial Institutions Warn About Food Crisis But Offer No Policy Changes

World Bank and IMF continue to ignore calls to reassess their approach to agriculture policies and market regulation.

Blog | March 1, 2011
International Mission Focuses on Right to Food in Bolivia

Bolivia has one of the highest rates of chronic malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean, which affects 27 percent of children under five.

Blog | December 14, 2010
How much longer for a legally-binding accord on emissions reductions?

The agreement from the UN climate change negotiations in Cancún has received high praise, but also criticism of a crackdown on social justice activists. A look at the human rights implications.

Blog | November 7, 2010
How the US defended its human rights record before the United Nations

The US government presents its human rights record to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Blog | June 9, 2010
Oil Spills You Never Heard Of

Are we only outraged about an oil spill that we can see? (June 2010)

Blog | May 25, 2010
Supporting Equatorial Guinea’s embattled rights defenders

Despite high rates of economic growth, most Equatoguineans continue to live in poverty.

Blog | January 1, 2010
UNESCO: ‘Dictator Prize’ Suspension Only a Temporary Fix

Prize honoring Equatorial Guinea leader should be cancelled

Blog | June 23, 2009
Human Rights and the Economic Crisis: A Transformative Moment?

The current economic crisis is fast becoming a human rights crisis.CESR urges world leaders meeting in New York this week to seize the opportunity to place human rights principles, not profit, at the heart of crisis responses, economic policy and global economic governance.

Blog | June 9, 2009
Wiwa v Shell settlement just one small step toward ending corporate impunity

Shell's pay-out in the Ogoni case has been rightly hailed as a victory, but leaves impunity for rights violations unresolved (June 2009).

Blog | May 14, 2009
World's largest environmental lawsuit in Ecuador against Chevron

Ecuador's citizens seek redress for oil company's economic and social rights violations.

Blog | January 25, 2009
Chevron wants $500,000 from Nigerian villagers who sought justice

Lawyers for the villagers sought to hold oil giant responsible for 1998 shooting and mistreatment of protesters (February 2009).

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