Latin America & Caribbean

News and Events | December 5, 2021
CESR Co-Organizes Strategic Meeting of Indigenous Leaders From Peru and Colombia

At the event, we highlighted how the Principles for Human Rights in Fiscal Policies can aid the claims of indigenous peoples.

News and Events | November 10, 2021
Webinar Series Addressess Chile’s New Constitution & Fiscal Justice

Co-Organized by CESR and allies, the encounters sparked debates on how to guarantee rights and fiscal justice in Chile's new legal body.

News and Events | May 10, 2021
Join Us at the Fiscal Justice and Human Rights Week

Happening May 17-21, we are co-hosting a whole week of events to launch the Principles for Human Rights in Fiscal Policy.

Blog | May 10, 2021
What Fiscal Reforms Is Latin America Clamoring for, and How Can We Make Them a Reality?

The current crisis in Colombia - where large-scale protests have been sparked by a proposed fiscal reform package - clearly shows the need for revitalizing the connection between fiscal policy and rights in the Latin American region and beyond. CESR is working with partners to do just this: opening tax debates to those whose rights are most affected by them.

News and Events | February 11, 2021
Transform Fiscal Policy Using Legal Advocacy - Lab Series

Between February 23rd and March 25th, CESR and allies will be hosting a series of laboratories on how to use litigation and legal advocacy to transform how resources are distributed.

Blog | November 23, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Mexico

Máximo Ernesto Jaramillo-Molina of Fundar, Center of Analysis and Research explains the policy responses needed to respond to the pandemic in Mexico.

Blog | November 16, 2020
Fiscal justice and human rights: strengthening collective counterpower for a transformative recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America will be the region most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering its worst crisis in the last hundred years ,and the impacts will affect a region that already suffers severe inequality.

News and Events | October 28, 2020
Dialogue on Human Rights and Fiscal Policy in the constituent process in Chile

The October 14th dialogue discussed the importance of addressing fiscal discussions in Chile’s constitutional reform process from a human rights perspective.

News and Events | October 15, 2020
Will the IMF align with human rights and fiscal justice after COVID-19? Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean

CESR co-organized an event at the Civil Society Policy Forum of the 2020 World Bank Group and IMF Annual Meetings exploring this question.

Blog | September 25, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Brazil

The Fight for Human Rights in the Context of COVID-19: a tough ride for Brazilian civil society organizations. Guest blog by Livi Gerbase, policy advisor at the Instituto de Estudos Socioeconômicos (INESC).

News and Events | September 11, 2020
A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Peru Needs Fiscal Reforms to Quell High COVID-19 Death Rate

Sergio Chaparro and Laura Adriaensens on Inter Press Service discuss how Peru has been one of the Latin American countries with the lowest investment in social policies, leading to deep disparities in the realization of social rights.

News and Events | September 9, 2020
CESR and Partners Hold Dialogues on Just Economic Recovery from COVID

The Initiative for Human Rights Principles in Fiscal Policy held a series of virtual dialogues with partners aimed at sharing tools and exploring opportunities to advocate for a just economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Blog | September 3, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Colombia

Dejusticia's Alejandro Rodríguez Llach discusses the need for more comprehensive, rights-affirming income protections for Colombia's most vulnerable citizens, post-COVID.

News and Events | September 1, 2020
Debt Justice Group to IMF: "Defuse Ecuador's Debt Time Bomb!"

A statement on the Progressive International website that was co-drafted by CESR's Allison Corkery, Sergio Chaparro and Ignacio Saiz with partners calls on the IMF to take responsibility for the impact of its disastrous austerity policies on people’s rights.

News and Events | September 1, 2020
Austerity is Killing Ecuador. The IMF Must Help End this Disaster

An opinion piece in the Guardian by CESR's Allison Corkery with Andrés Chiriboga-Tejada, Jayati Ghosh, Demba Moussa and Adrian Falco, calls on the IMF to examine the human rights impacts of its loan conditions in Ecuador.

News and Events | July 27, 2020
Forging Tools for Fiscal Justice in the Andean Region

Since 2016, CESR has worked with civil society partners in Peru and Colombia to build greater consensus on how public resources can be more equitably generated and distributed, in line with human rights obligations.

Blog | July 24, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Argentina

Julieta Izcurdia of ACIJ argues for centering the rights of groups that suffer the most under COVID and for a fairer tax system in the long term.

Blog | July 14, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Brazil

Grazielle David, of the Fiscal Justice Network of Latin America and the Caribbean, discusses Brazilian civil society's efforts to create fiscal space for rights funding in the face of longstanding austerity and the federal government's lack of coordinated responses to the pandemic.

Factsheets, Publications | July 10, 2020
Peru: Financing a Just Recovery to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Behind a facade of economic success, Peru hides deep multidimensional inequalities which jeopardize achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

News and Events | May 15, 2020
CESR Joins Judicial Action Against Devastating Brazilian Spending Freeze

CESR is supporting a coalition of 192 Brazilian civil society organizations and social justice groups as they file a judicial action against Brazil’s expenditure cap, which has had grievous effects on the wellbeing of many of Brazil’s citizens, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

News and Events | May 12, 2020
A Proposal for a COVID-19 Emergency Basic Income in Colombia Gains Traction

The National University of Colombia has published a proposal co-authored by CESR’s Sergio Chaparro for adopting an emergency basic income in Colombia.

News and Events | April 23, 2020
A Comprehensive Response to COVID-19 Demands Redistributive Fiscal Policies

CESR and partners at the Initiative for Human Rights in Fiscal Policy in Latin America call on States to undertake broad fiscal redistribution in order to avoid dire human rights consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

News and Events | February 18, 2020
ESCR-Net Covers CESR's Dismantling the Dogmas

ESCR-Net covered CESR's Dismantling the Dogmas of Austerity and Fiscal Injustice in Latin America.

Blog, Video | February 18, 2020
Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Human Rights in Peru

Peru's success story in terms of growth and poverty reduction requires a more nuanced evaluation, given persistent inequalities and the government's failure to guarantee social rights and ensure sustainable growth through sound fiscal practices. This short video offers two compelling examples of unjustified rights deprivations caused by the country's unfair fiscal and budgetary policies: the setbacks in bilingual intercultural education policy and the lack of adequate funding for cancer policies.

News and Events | December 18, 2019
Dismantling the Dogmas: Tools for Tackling Austerity in Latin America

New briefing confronts head-on dogmas that are deployed against progressive structural fiscal reforms in Latin America.

Publications | November 25, 2019
Resources Restricting Rights: Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Social Rights in Peru

Funding gaps for education and healthcare in Peru create significant obstacles to the guarantee of human rights and economic equality.

News and Events | November 25, 2019
Unequal and Unjust: the Human Rights Costs of Tax and Budget Decisions in Peru

A new report from CESR finds that Peru’s unjust tax and budget policies threaten quality education for the country’s Indigenous children and restrict access to prompt cancer treatment for some underserved patients.

News and Events | October 21, 2019
Austerity and the IMF: An Appeal for Responsibility

CESR and partners issued an urgent appeal to the IMF to halt its support for austerity measures and to assess their human rights impacts. We also brought evidence of austerity's unequal impacts to the recent IMF/World Bank Annual meetings.

News and Events | October 16, 2019
Lessons from Ecuador: Challenging Austerity and Human Rights Erosion at the IMF

CESR will be at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings this week, challenging the IMF’s global role in driving austerity measures that result in the steady erosion of human rights in countries such as Ecuador.

Blog | June 4, 2019
Linking Fiscal and Environmental Justice Agendas in the Andean Region

Environmental, socioeconomic and fiscal injustices in the Andean Region mutually reinforce each other, disproportionally affecting the rights and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples and Afro-descendant communities.

News and Events | May 6, 2019
Financial Restrictions and Human Rights: the Case of Colombia

CESR's Sergio Chaparro recently published a chapter on "Financial restrictions and human rights: the case of Colombia" in the latest volume of the Journal of the Ministerio Público de la Defensa de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Blog | April 22, 2019
The State of Tax in Latin America: Massive Evasion and Avoidance Block Human Rights and Development

States are obligated to mobilize their maximum available resources to progressively advance rights and reduce disparities between the wealthy and the most disadvantaged.

Publications | April 2, 2019
Abusive Tax Practices of Companies and Human Rights in the Americas

Abusive corporate tax practices are a structural obstacle to human rights fulfillment in the Americas.

News and Events | March 13, 2019
New Human Rights and Fiscal Justice Initiative Calls for Global Corporate Tax Reforms

The Initiative for Human Rights Principles and Guidelines in Fiscal Policy in Latin America is demanding radical changes to the rules of global taxation in order to stop tax avoidance and the race to the bottom in corporate tax rates.

Publications, Submissions | March 13, 2019
Submission to the OECD regarding the tax challenges of digitalization and possible solutions

Submission by the Initiative for Human Rights Principles and Guidelines in Fiscal Policy in Latin America to the OECD.

Publications | January 7, 2019
Beyond Boundaries: Allying human rights with other struggles for social and economic justice

The August 2018 international convening identified strategies for more dynamic engagement between economic and social rights actors and others working for similar goals.

Blog | September 27, 2018
Argentina: the latest IMF austerity package belies Lagarde’s lip service to human rights

A World Leader Award from the Appeal of Conscience Foundation for IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde is at odds with the IMF's role in promoting austerity packages around the world.

News and Events | May 25, 2018
Latin American countries must reform their fiscal policies to guarantee human rights

Unjust fiscal policy measures adopted by some Latin American countries strip basic social protections from populations, creating rights deficits and sowing unrest.

News and Events | May 24, 2018
Latin American national human rights representatives trained in ESCR

CESR’s Mihir Mankad and Sergio Chaparro facilitated a regional training workshop on economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

News and Events | May 10, 2018
Fiscal Policies and the Safeguarding of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru

Fiscal Policies and the Safeguarding of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Latin America

Publications | May 10, 2018
Executive summary of report to IACHR on fiscal policies and ESCR in Latin America

Executive summary for the thematic hearing on fiscal policy in Latin America for IACHR sessions.

Publications | April 30, 2018
Colombia: Fiscal Policy, Peace and Human Rights

Colombia is in the process of entering the OECD, but lags on indicators in social and fiscal areas.  

News and Events | January 29, 2018
IACHR calls on states to adopt human rights-based fiscal policies to eradicate poverty

29 January: IACHR report acknowledges links between poverty and human rights in the Americas, referencing CESR-led coalition's briefing on relevance of fiscal policies.

News and Events | January 23, 2018
"Human Rights in Times of Austerity" covered in thirty Brazilian publications and websites

Media: New factsheet "Human Rights in Times of Austerity" received coverage from at least thirty Brazilian publications and websites in the past month.

News and Events | December 14, 2017
Brazil's austerity cap stunting rights to food, health and education

Press release: CESR and partners present new empirical findings on austerity’s severe impact on food security, health and education in Brazil.

Publications | June 26, 2017
Andean region: towards a new fiscal reform agenda for equality and rights

New report: Fiscal Policy for Equality and Rights: Mapping debates, initiatives and actors in the Andean Region

News and Events | January 2, 2017
Brazil: fiscal austerity freeze ‘lacks all compassion’

Concern is growing over the potentially devastating human rights impacts of Brazil’s newly-approved ‘PEC 55’ constitutional amendment, which will freeze public spending at current levels for the next twenty years.

News and Events | December 8, 2016
Brazil: Social rights under siege

Brazil is on the cusp of making a constitutional amendment that will undermine fundamental human rights for generations to come.

News and Events | June 27, 2016
Rising to meet austerity’s onward march

17 May 2016: CESR and its partners organized a landmark event, Fiscal Policy and Human Rights in Times of Austerity, at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

News and Events | September 29, 2015
Fiscal Policy and Human Rights in the Americas

Invitation: CESR invites you to a thematic hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights examining the relationship between fiscal policy and human rights.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | October 14, 2011
Bolivia goes hungry on World Food Day

CESR has collaborated on a new report addressing hunger and food insecurity in Bolivia.

News and Events | September 5, 2011
Elections in Guatemala: condemned to repeat history?

Jorge Santos looks forward to next Sunday's presidential elections and voices concerns over what the outcome may mean for normal people.

Publications, Submissions | May 3, 2011
Maternal Mortality: Submission to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

CESR's submission on best practices in addressing maternal mortality (2011).

News and Events | March 10, 2011
David vs Goliath in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Oil giant Chevron is ordered to pay US$9 billion compensation for the environmental and health impacts of oil contamination in the Amazon. CESR Co-founder Chris Jochnick reflects on the judgment.

Blog | March 1, 2011
International Mission Focuses on Right to Food in Bolivia

Bolivia has one of the highest rates of chronic malnutrition in Latin America and the Caribbean, which affects 27 percent of children under five.

News and Events | February 16, 2011
Local justice in Ecuador advances global struggle for corporate accountability

Oil giant Chevron is ordered to pay US$9 billion compensation for the environmental and health impacts of oil contamination in the Amazon.

Publications, Submissions | August 5, 2010
Guatemala: Joint Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee

Produced with Planned Parenthood abd the Multidisciplinary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Guatemala.

News and Events | June 17, 2010
Ecuador Is First Country to Ratify the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR

New mechanism will ensure that victims of economic rights violations have the right to an effective remedy.

Publications, Submissions | June 16, 2010
Guatemala: Submission to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

CESR's joint submission with Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Fiscales (ICEFI) to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

News and Events | February 10, 2010
Haiti, one month on: rethinking the model

Haitian human rights and development organizations are calling for a different vision of development aid in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | December 27, 2009
Guatemala: Rights or Privileges?

Fiscal commitments and the rights to food, health and education in Guatemala (2009).

News and Events | November 23, 2009
Integrating rights into budget processes in Haiti

CESR and the OHCHR trained people on budget monitoring from a human rights perspective in Haiti in 2009.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2009
Guatemala Factsheet

This 2008 factsheet focuses on the rights to health, food and education in Guatemala.

Blog | May 14, 2009
World's largest environmental lawsuit in Ecuador against Chevron

Ecuador's citizens seek redress for oil company's economic and social rights violations.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | November 4, 2008
Guatemalan state systematically violates economic and social rights of citizens

New CESR study on health, education and food says fiscal and tax policy is largely responsible.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2008
Bolivia Factsheet

Inequality in education and health, and regional disparities in child mortality, in Bolivia are striking.

Publications, Submissions | June 2, 2008
Guatemala: Submission to the UPR

Submission by CESR and Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Fiscales (ICEFI) to the Universal Periodic Review, May 2008

Publications, Reports & Briefings | June 9, 2000
The Price of Gold: Gold Mining & Human Rights in Honduras

2001 report on a CESR investigation to the current operation of the gold mining industry in Honduras since the passage of the General Mining Law in November 1998.

Case studies, Publications | July 3, 1999
Ecuador Case Study

Case study on the state of economic, social and cultural rights in Ecuador, 1999.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 1999
The Right to Health in Ecuador

In 1999 CESR investigated the impact ofthe petroleum industry on the communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 1998
Economic and Social Rights Violations in Peru

This report focuses on the Inter-American Commission's role in promoting economic, social, and cultural rights in Peru.

Publications, Submissions | July 3, 1998
CESR Submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child: Consideration of Report by Ecuador

Comments based on the report 'From Needs to Rights: Recognizing the Right to Health in Ecuador'.

News and Events, Statements | August 14, 1997
CESR Statement on Peru before the Committee on ESCR

This statement on Peru was made to the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights at the UN in April, 1997.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 1995
Rights Violations in the Ecuadorian Amazon: The Human Consequences of Oil Development

Rights Violations in the Ecuadorian Amazon: The Human Consequences of Oil Development is a 1994 report examining the role of the government of Ecuador and US oil companies in violating rights to health and a healthy environment.