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Case studies, Publications | December 17, 2021
The right to health of miners in Botswana

This brief case study examines the use of OPERA, CESR’s research framework, to assess the right to health of miners and ex-miners in Botswana.

News and Events | November 18, 2021
Global Civil Society Petitions UN to Investigate Discrimination in Vaccine Roll-Out

A broad coalition of public health experts, human rights law groups, and organizations -including CESR- have taken legal action against the US, UK, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland due to an inequitable and racially discriminatory rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

News and Events | April 27, 2021
Urgent Appeal to Ensure Equitable and Universal Vaccine Access

As a part of ESCR-Net, CESR delivered a 63-page urgent appeal to Special Procedures at the United Nations to ensure equitable and universal COVID-19 vaccine access.

Blog | April 5, 2021
Time for a Human Rights Injection Against Vaccine Nationalism

Wealthy countries and their pharmaceutical companies have shown themselves too selfish to be politely persuaded to show solidarity with those on the other side of the vaccine divide. It’s time to deploy a fuller arsenal of tools to compel them to cooperate as a matter of justice and human rights.

News and Events | December 14, 2020
COVID-19: Resourcing Rights | December Round-Up

As this tumultuous and difficult year comes to a close, there is positive news on the horizon. Just last week, the first country launched its national COVID-19 vaccination campaign, with other countries set to follow suit within weeks. There is an end to the pandemic in sight - for some.

News and Events | September 16, 2020
All Risk and No Reward for Botswana’s Miners

Drawing on two years of research and interviews with Botswanan miners, All Risk and No Reward describes how miners are denied access to quality healthcare and adequate and timely compensation for workplace injuries.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | September 9, 2020
All Risk and No Reward: How the Government and Mine Companies Fail to Protect the Right to Health of Miners and Ex-Miners in Botswana

CESR partnered with the Botswana Labour Migrants Association (BoLAMA) and Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Center for International Human Rights to investigate enjoyment of the right to health by the people who built Botswana’s wealth – miners and their communities.

News and Events | May 4, 2020
Truths and Lies about this Pandemic: What are the Lessons for Health Rights and Social Justice?

In a blog for the Global Intiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, former CESR board member Alicia Ely Yamin argues that the pandemic is not “a great equalizer” but rather an "x-ray" of preexisting social inequalities and rights violations driven by neoliberalism.

Blog, Video | February 18, 2020
Fiscal Policy, Inequality and Human Rights in Peru

Peru's success story in terms of growth and poverty reduction requires a more nuanced evaluation, given persistent inequalities and the government's failure to guarantee social rights and ensure sustainable growth through sound fiscal practices. This short video offers two compelling examples of unjustified rights deprivations caused by the country's unfair fiscal and budgetary policies: the setbacks in bilingual intercultural education policy and the lack of adequate funding for cancer policies.

News and Events | April 12, 2019
Highlighting Austerity, Gender and Tax Issues at IMF, World Bank Spring Meetings 2019

In April 2019, Kate Donald (the Director of CESR’s Economic and Social Policy program) attended the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington, DC. While there, she shared CESR’s research in several meetings with IMF officials, including work on the relationship between tax policy and gender equality, along with civil society partners and allies.

Blog | October 24, 2018
When human rights triumph over austerity: Spain restores universal health care

Spain’s new government ends the exclusion of undocumented migrants from health care, an austerity measure adopted by the former government.

Blog | August 22, 2018
Death by a million cuts: what future for the right to health in Italy?

Since 2012, Italian austerity policies have slashed public health spending by billions of euros, threatening accessibility and widening health inequalities. Are there alternatives?

News and Events | July 5, 2018
Reducing inequalities through urgent action on WASH: SDG6 as an enabler for achieving the 2030 Agenda for all

"Reducing Inequalities through urgent action on WASH," an HLPF side-event co-sponsored by CESR, WaterAid, Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and the governments of Bolivia, Canada, Mozambique and Nepal, will be held on Tuesday, July 10th, 2018, from 1:15-3:30 p.m.,  at the Japan Society, 333 E 47th Street, New York.

Blog | June 21, 2018
Overturning Austerity: Spain reestablishes universal access to healthcare

A sustained and coordinated fight by Spanish civil society and CESR obtained a promise from the new government to repeal a decree that deprived nearly one million the right to health.

News and Events | April 10, 2018
United Nations urges Spain to end detrimental austerity measures

Press release: UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights calls for a more redistributive fiscal system that addresses rising economic and social inequalities

Blog | June 8, 2017
Made to measure? Using public policy guidelines as human rights benchmarks

Last month, CESR's Allison Corkery joined a group of practitioners and academics from diverse disciplines for a workshop organized by the Human Rights Methodology Lab.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | June 9, 2015
Egypt: Widespread rights retrogression exposed before UPR

The 11 briefing papers in this series were prepared by CESR and the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

Publications, Submissions | February 19, 2013
Taking Angola's maternal health record to task at the UN

As oil-rich Angola appears before the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, a new report throws light on maternal health failures in the country.

Blog | October 16, 2012
Immigrants’ rights in poor health: resisting cutbacks in Spain

Some 150,000 immigrants have lost their right to public health services under the latest cost-cutting measures implemented in Spain.

Publications, Submissions | May 3, 2011
Maternal Mortality: Submission to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

CESR's submission on best practices in addressing maternal mortality (2011).

Publications, Submissions | March 16, 2011
Syria: Submission to UN Human Rights Council's UPR

CESR's joint submission with the Arab NGO Network for the 12th session of the Universal Periodic Review, October 2011.

Publications, Submissions | October 25, 2010
Sexual and Reproductive Health: Submission to UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR)

CESR's submission on the right to sexual and reproductive health, to be discussed by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights during its 45th Session on November 15, 2010.

Publications, Submissions | August 5, 2010
Guatemala: Joint Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee

Produced with Planned Parenthood abd the Multidisciplinary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Guatemala.

Factsheets, Publications | June 29, 2010
United States Factsheet

Despite its wealth, the United States has one the poorest records of economic and social rights achievement of all high-income countries.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2009
Equatorial Guinea Factsheet

This 2009 factsheet focuses on the rights to health, education, water and sanitation.

Factsheets, Publications | July 2, 2008
Bolivia Factsheet

Inequality in education and health, and regional disparities in child mortality, in Bolivia are striking.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 2004
The Right to Health in the United States

The US health care system falls short of international standards for the right to health (2004).

Publications, Reports & Briefings | June 9, 2000
The Price of Gold: Gold Mining & Human Rights in Honduras

2001 report on a CESR investigation to the current operation of the gold mining industry in Honduras since the passage of the General Mining Law in November 1998.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 1999
The Right to Health in Ecuador

In 1999 CESR investigated the impact ofthe petroleum industry on the communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Publications, Submissions | July 3, 1998
CESR Submission to the Committee on the Rights of the Child: Consideration of Report by Ecuador

Comments based on the report 'From Needs to Rights: Recognizing the Right to Health in Ecuador'.

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