News and Events | November 30, 2021
COVID economic recovery: can Europe's National Human Rights Institutions play a bigger role?

Our Director of Strategy and Learning, Allison Corkery, presented at a training workshop on how national human rights institutions can monitor States' responses to COVID-19.

News and Events | June 14, 2021
Sharing Tools to Track the Human Rights Impact of Fiscal Responses to COVID

On June 2, CESR continued its work with EuroMed Rights’ Economic and Social Rights Working Group, holding a skills-sharing session on evaluating how governments’ fiscal responses to COVID-19 impact people’s human rights.

News and Events | April 29, 2021
Fostering new approaches to monitor COVID recovery in MENA

We shared toolkits and methods for a rights-based monitoring of COVID-19 recovery with the Oxfam FAIR-EiU Knowledge Hub forum.

News and Events | March 24, 2021
Sharing Tools to Evaluate the Impact of COVID-19 Recovery Measures

On March 5th, CESR led a skill-sharing session with members of EuroMed’s Economic and Social Rights Working Group, which explored ways to assess economic responses to COVID-19 through a human rights lens.

Blog | November 12, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Serbia

Danilo Ćurčić  discusses how in a country where nearly one quarter of the population is at risk of poverty, the pandemic has had devastating consequences on already marginalized communities.

Blog | July 31, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Scotland

Alison Hosie, of the Scottish Human Rights Commission, argues for using human rights principles to shape the Scottish budgetary process, in order to "build back better."

Blog | February 25, 2020
Spain: From Laggard to Leader on Social Rights?

Devastating findings of UN poverty expert’s recent visit to Spain put the new government’s commitments on social rights to the test.

Blog | October 24, 2018
When human rights triumph over austerity: Spain restores universal health care

Spain’s new government ends the exclusion of undocumented migrants from health care, an austerity measure adopted by the former government.

Blog | August 22, 2018
Death by a million cuts: what future for the right to health in Italy?

Since 2012, Italian austerity policies have slashed public health spending by billions of euros, threatening accessibility and widening health inequalities. Are there alternatives?

Blog | July 20, 2018
OPERA Stories: Using the framework to map community concerns in Scotland

Alison Hosie discusses how OPERA allowed the Scottish Human Rights Commission's diverse group of workshop participants to approach socioeconomic issues from a more human rights-based analytical perspective.

Blog | July 3, 2018
OPERA Stories: Giving indicators and benchmarks a human face in the UK

Koldo Casla and Imogen Richmond-Bishop discuss using OPERA in a national human rights context and the importance of a human element in rights advocacy work.

Blog | June 21, 2018
Overturning Austerity: Spain reestablishes universal access to healthcare

A sustained and coordinated fight by Spanish civil society and CESR obtained a promise from the new government to repeal a decree that deprived nearly one million the right to health.

Publications | April 18, 2018
OPERA in Practice: Human Rights in Ireland's Economic Meltdown

CESR analyzed Ireland’s economic crisis and subsequent austerity policies. 

News and Events | April 10, 2018
United Nations urges Spain to end detrimental austerity measures

Press release: UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights calls for a more redistributive fiscal system that addresses rising economic and social inequalities

Blog | November 22, 2017
Sharp data skills and strategic venue choices key to claiming ESCR

CESR workshopped with multiple European partners in Riga, Latvia to strengthen national human rights institutes' capacity to increase skills for handling ESCR complaints and monitoring socioeconomic policies.

Blog | September 3, 2017
"OPERA-tionalizing" rights in Scotland’s new social security law

A workshop in Scotland asked how human rights can help design policies that tackle economic inequality and social exclusion.

News and Events | January 6, 2017
Switzerland held to account for cost of tax abuse on women’s rights

CESR and its partners have taken Switzerland to task before the UN for the harmful impact of its role as a tax haven on women’s rights.

News and Events | August 5, 2016
Spain: Constitutional Court ruling on health service exclusion of undocumented migrants ignores human rights

Press release: CESR and its partners reiterate that Spain's health reform contravenes international human rights norms.

Blog | April 12, 2016
CESR's work in Spain

CESR's allies in Spain reflect on the situation in their country - particularly regarding undocumented migrants who have been excluded from universal healthcare - and the contribution the Center has made.

Publications, Submissions | March 2, 2016
Switzerland's financial secrecy scrutinized under human rights spotlight

UN submission: A coalition of civil society organizations has called on CEDAW to examine the extra-territorial impacts of Switzerland’s financial legislation on women’s rights.

News and Events | June 25, 2015
Spanish government gives inadequate response to UN on migrants’ right to health

Press release: As Spain appears before the Human Rights Council, CESR and its partners affirm access to health care is still not guaranteed to migrants in the country.

News and Events | January 29, 2015
Spain’s austerity criticized again in UN rights review

Spain's failure to protect economic and social rights in times of economic crisis has come under stern criticism from other states at the Universal Periodic Review.

News and Events | January 18, 2015
Spain under scrutiny at United Nations

Press release: On January 21 the Spanish government will be held to account for its human rights record at the Universal Periodic Review

Factsheets, Publications | January 14, 2015
Spain: Austerity driving poverty, inequality, human rights deterioration

Factsheet illustrates how austerity is driving violations of economic and social rights in Spain (2015).

News and Events | August 29, 2014
Strengthening joint action to protect the right to health of undocumented migrants

Joint statement: Amnesty International, CESR, Medicos del Mundo and Red Acoge have issued a joint statement denouncing Spain's non-compliance with its human rights obligations.

Blog | June 4, 2014
European rights chief warns of austerity's 'lost generation'

Drawing on a recently-published issue paper commissioned from CESR, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calls for young people's rights to be restored.

Blog | March 30, 2014
Ireland: Post-crisis Constitutional Convention calls for economic and social rights

Consultations have revealed overwhelming support for incorporation of ESCR provisions in the crisis-hit country's constitution.

Academic pieces, Publications | December 4, 2013
Austerity undermining rights says CoE Commissioner

Publication: A new Council of Europe Issue Paper, commissioned from CESR, assesses the human rights impacts of austerity measures and sets out an agenda for change.

News and Events | July 23, 2013
CESR raises austerity concerns in Spain and Europe

After five years of economic crisis and a series of austerity budgets that have served only to compound its problems, people in Spain are being pushed to the limits of resilience.

News and Events | December 2, 2012
Balancing the books, but neglecting the people

Op-Ed: CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz, writing in the Irish Examiner, examines the parallel patterns of retrogression stemming from Ireland and Spain's respective austerity programs.

Blog | October 16, 2012
Immigrants’ rights in poor health: resisting cutbacks in Spain

Some 150,000 immigrants have lost their right to public health services under the latest cost-cutting measures implemented in Spain.

Blog | October 9, 2012
Europe moves forward on Robin Hood Tax while US balks

The 'Robin Hood Tax' has come one step closer after 11 European countries agreed to move forward with the initiative. Certain key states, including the US, remain opposed, however.

Blog | July 2, 2012
Tax and human rights: 'Robin Hood' no longer just a fairytale

Years of campaigning on the part of social justice organizations looks set to bear fruit in the near future after a group of 10 European countries agreed to move forward in implementing a regional financial transactions tax.

News and Events | July 2, 2012
UN Committee calls on Spain to revise austerity measures

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has echoed civil society demands in questioning the cuts made to social spending in response to the crisis.

News and Events | June 27, 2012
CESR backs Irish civil society's call for rights in constitutional convention

Joint letter: CESR has joined Irish civil society in calling for public participation and the inclusion of ESCR in the forthcoming constitutional convention.

News and Events | June 25, 2012
CESR joins letter to EU Heads of State on Financial Transactions Tax

Joint letter: CESR has joined a coalition of 20 other human rights and social justice organizations in calling for bold leadership on the much-needed financial transactions tax.

News and Events | May 29, 2012
'Robin Hood' would never forget to give to the poor

Joint letter: CESR has joined a letter to European leaders calling on them to make the Financial Transactions Tax a reality and to make sure the proceeds it generates are used to help the most vulnerable.

News and Events | May 24, 2012
UN calls on Spanish government to 'revise' austerity measures which are harming human rights

Press release: The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has echoed civil society demands in questioning the cuts made to social spending in response to the crisis.

News and Events | May 10, 2012
Taking Spain's austerity measures to task at the UN

UN submission: As Spain appeared before the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for the first time in eight years, CESR has presented two new documents in Geneva.

Factsheets, Publications | May 7, 2012
Spain Factsheet (2012)

2012 factsheet on economic, social and cultural rights in Spain since the economic crisis took hold in 2007.

News and Events | May 6, 2012
Social rights; the other deficit

Op-ed Article: To whom is the Spanish state ultimately accountable, the markets or the citizenry? This article by CESR Program Director Gaby Oré was published in El País on 7 May 2012.

Blog | May 6, 2012
Spain answers to UN for rights impacts of crisis response

Spain is appearing before the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for the first time in eight years.

News and Events | April 1, 2012
Challenges for social rights litigation in Spain

Unnecessarily retrogressive expenditure cuts deployed by governments in the face of the economic crisis are exacting a devastating toll on ESCR.

Publications | March 29, 2012
Spain's austerity measures under the spotlight

CESR has coordinated a parallel report to the UN with 18 other civil society organizations.

News and Events | March 29, 2012
A recovery for all? Holding Ireland's government to account

Despite repeatedly affirming its commitments to human rights, Ireland's recovery stragey has severely undermined the wellbeing of ordinary people.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | March 20, 2012
Spanish civil society submits parallel report to CESCR

CESR has coordinated a parallel report which has been submitted to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) ahead of its 48th session in May 2012.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | February 7, 2012
Mauled by the Celtic Tiger: Human rights in Ireland's economic meltdown

A new CESR report finds that human rights in Ireland are being undermined by response measures implemented in the wake of the country's financial crisis.

News and Events | February 5, 2012
Austerity and retrogression: Have governments got the right?

As a fiscal compact among European leaders furthers prejudice against ESCR, CESR joins an open letter to Spain's Prime Minister.

News and Events | November 17, 2011
Elections in Spain: tough choices for tough times

As voters head to the polls amidst the worst economic crisis in recent history, Ignacio Saiz warns that democracy without social rights risks becoming a 'dictatorship of the markets'.

Blog | October 3, 2011
Ireland's economic & social rights record under the spotlight at United Nations

On Thursday October 6 Ireland will face the scrutiny of her peers at the at the UPR.

Publications, Submissions | April 3, 2011
Spain: Submission to UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

CESR's joint submission with Observatori DESC on economic, social and cultural rights in Spain (2011).

News and Events | September 22, 2010
Spain First to Ratify New UN Protocol on ESCR

CESR and allies welcome Spain's ratification of the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR.

News and Events | May 10, 2009
North Belfast Goes to the United Nations

Four residents from Belfast, Northern Ireland are among hundreds of people from across the globe that have traveled to the UN in Geneva this week.