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Transform Fiscal Policy Using Legal Advocacy - Lab Series

How many times have social movements and civil society organizations faced the argument that resources are not enough? What is the relationship between resource mismanagement and Latin America being the region hardest hit by COVID-19? Why is fiscal policy considered solely a matter of 'experts' instead of being widely discussed by the general public?

CESR, Latindadd, Red de Justicia Fiscal de América Latina y el Caribe, and the Initiative for Human Rights in Fiscal Policy will share strategies and experiences with social movements, CSOs, and activists who want to advocate for more just and equitable fiscal policies using legal and communicational tools.

The lab series will take place in 3 virtual sessions, in which civil organizations, journalists, economists, and other experts in data analysis will share tools and experiences to monitor fiscal policies and advocate for fiscal justice. In the end, civil society organizations in Latin America and other regions will be able to connect their specific agendas (environmental justice, gender equality, access to education, or others) to fiscal justice issues, in order to boost their advocacy efforts at both the local and international level.

  • Participation is free of charge but requires previous registration
  • English and Portuguese simultaneous interpretation to be confirmed


Register for free here (registration must be made separately for each event):

Fiscal Policy as a Human Rights Issue
Time: 9 AM EST
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Strategic Litigation as a Means to Advance Fiscal Justice
Date: MARCH 11
Time: 9 AM EST
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How to Advocate for Fiscal Justice in the International Arena
Date: MARCH 25
Time: 9 AM EST
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