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News and Events | December 5, 2021
CESR Co-Organizes Strategic Meeting of Indigenous Leaders From Peru and Colombia

At the event, we highlighted how the Principles for Human Rights in Fiscal Policies can aid the claims of indigenous peoples.

Publications, Submissions | November 17, 2021
CESR's Submission to UN’s Independent Expert on Foreign Debt

We urge Prof. Attiya Waris to investigate the linkages between rising debt, tax systems, governance, and climate action.

News and Events | November 11, 2021
CESR Highlights the Importance of Human Rights to Combat Illicit Financial Flows

The Principles for Human Rights in Fiscal Policy were presented at the 4th Conference on the Right to Development & Illicit Financial Flows from Africa.

News and Events | November 10, 2021
Webinar Series Addressess Chile’s New Constitution & Fiscal Justice

Co-Organized by CESR and allies, the encounters sparked debates on how to guarantee rights and fiscal justice in Chile's new legal body.

Blog | October 12, 2021
Platforming Workers’ Rights in Global Tax Deals

Will the new “global solutions'' being proposed for taxing multinationals align with workers’ rights? In this new post, we analyze the links between global tax deal proposals and the lives of platform workers.

News and Events | October 8, 2021
Principles for Human Rights in Fiscal Policy: a necessary input to discuss the Business and Human Rights agenda

The Principles were highlighted at two important events on the links between businesses and human rights.

News and Events | September 29, 2021
CESR Underscores How Human Rights Obligations Can Support Feminist Taxation

CESR Director of Program Kate Donald spoke as part of the "Framing Feminist Taxation" webinar organized by the Global Alliance for Tax Justice and ActionAid.

Opinion, Publications | August 14, 2021
Tax Reforms and Global Redistribution: Situating the Global South

In this commentary piece for Economic & Political Weekly, our Program Officer, Sakshi Rai, argues for an urgent overhaul of the international financial system, as it continues to undermine workers' rights.

News and Events | June 21, 2021
CESR Sends Submission to UN Expert on Foreign Debt

CESR outlined a number of key concerns and proposals to inform her forthcoming report on the international debt architecture and human rights.

News and Events | June 14, 2021
Sharing Tools to Track the Human Rights Impact of Fiscal Responses to COVID

On June 2, CESR continued its work with EuroMed Rights’ Economic and Social Rights Working Group, holding a skills-sharing session on evaluating how governments’ fiscal responses to COVID-19 impact people’s human rights.

Blog | June 11, 2021
Global Minimum Tax: G7 Agreement Lacks in Legitimacy, Fails to Tackle the Root of the Problem

A truly progressive global tax reform must aim for the fair allocation of taxing rights for Global South countries, challenging the colonial foundations of the international financial system and giving all countries an equal seat at the table.

News and Events | May 10, 2021
Join Us at the Fiscal Justice and Human Rights Week

Happening May 17-21, we are co-hosting a whole week of events to launch the Principles for Human Rights in Fiscal Policy.

Academic pieces, Publications | May 10, 2021
Freeing Fiscal Space: A Human Rights Imperative in Response to COVID-19

Our Executive Director, Ignacio Saiz, contributed to a new issue of GLOBAL TRENDS. ANALYSIS, published by the Development and Peace Foundation (SEF).

Blog | May 10, 2021
What Fiscal Reforms Is Latin America Clamoring for, and How Can We Make Them a Reality?

The current crisis in Colombia - where large-scale protests have been sparked by a proposed fiscal reform package - clearly shows the need for revitalizing the connection between fiscal policy and rights in the Latin American region and beyond. CESR is working with partners to do just this: opening tax debates to those whose rights are most affected by them.

News and Events, Statements | May 5, 2021
Organizations in Latin America Call on the Colombian Government to Put an End to Violence Against Protestors

CESR supports the call of organizations from throughout the region demanding that Colombian authorities guarantee citizens’ rights to mobilize peacefully and take part in fiscal debates.

News and Events | April 29, 2021
Fostering new approaches to monitor COVID recovery in MENA

We shared toolkits and methods for a rights-based monitoring of COVID-19 recovery with the Oxfam FAIR-EiU Knowledge Hub forum.

Academic pieces, Publications | April 22, 2021
Rights Not Debts

CESR contributed to Progressive International's Debt Justice Blueprint, a series of essays that tackle the different dimensions of debt.

News and Events | February 11, 2021
Transform Fiscal Policy Using Legal Advocacy - Lab Series

Between February 23rd and March 25th, CESR and allies will be hosting a series of laboratories on how to use litigation and legal advocacy to transform how resources are distributed.

News and Events | December 18, 2020
CESR participates in the Global South Women's Forum on Disrupting Macroeconomics

From 14-18 December 2020, CESR participated in the Global South Women's Forum on Disrupting Macroeconomics, organized by International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW-AP).

Blog | November 23, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Mexico

Máximo Ernesto Jaramillo-Molina of Fundar, Center of Analysis and Research explains the policy responses needed to respond to the pandemic in Mexico.

Blog | November 16, 2020
Fiscal justice and human rights: strengthening collective counterpower for a transformative recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America will be the region most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, suffering its worst crisis in the last hundred years ,and the impacts will affect a region that already suffers severe inequality.

Blog | November 12, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Serbia

Danilo Ćurčić  discusses how in a country where nearly one quarter of the population is at risk of poverty, the pandemic has had devastating consequences on already marginalized communities.

News and Events | October 28, 2020
Dialogue on Human Rights and Fiscal Policy in the constituent process in Chile

The October 14th dialogue discussed the importance of addressing fiscal discussions in Chile’s constitutional reform process from a human rights perspective.

Our Work, Publications | October 15, 2020
2019 Annual Report

CESR's annual report for 2019 surveys the impact of our work in a year when millions around the world took to the streets. It shares some of the progress we made—in countries around the world, in international human rights and development spaces, and in the broader field of social justice activism which we serve.

News and Events | October 15, 2020
Will the IMF align with human rights and fiscal justice after COVID-19? Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean

CESR co-organized an event at the Civil Society Policy Forum of the 2020 World Bank Group and IMF Annual Meetings exploring this question.

Academic pieces, Publications | October 14, 2020
International Journal of Human Rights: Special Issue on human rights and economic policy reform

Volume 24, Issue 9 of the International Journal of Human Rights is a special issue, co-edited by Aoife Nolan and Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky. It brings together experts working on human rights and economic policy from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including economics, law, and development studies.

News and Events | October 9, 2020
IMF annuals side-event: The Role of IFIs in a World of Intersecting Conflicts and Crises in the Middle East and North Africa

On Friday, October 5, 2020 CESR participated in a session that assessed IFI's policies in contexts of crises and conflicts, mainly in the MENA Region—examining the existing policies and their impact on inequality.

News and Events | September 29, 2020
IMF annuals side-event: Changing the rules for a just recovery

On September 30th, CESR's Executive Director, Ignacio Saiz, moderated a panel on "Changing the rules for a just recovery: aligning IMF's work with human rights and fiscal justice in Latin America and he Caribbean".

Blog | September 25, 2020
Confronting COVID: How Civil Society is Responding Across Countries | Brazil

The Fight for Human Rights in the Context of COVID-19: a tough ride for Brazilian civil society organizations. Guest blog by Livi Gerbase, policy advisor at the Instituto de Estudos Socioeconômicos (INESC).

News and Events | September 25, 2020
IMF annuals side-event: The Role of IFIs in a World of Intersecting Conflicts and Crises in the MENA Region

Taking place 5 October 2020, this session will assess IFI's policies in contexts of crises and conflicts, mainly in the MENA Region, by examining the existing policies and their impact on inequality.

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