Equatorial Guinea

News and Events | December 15, 2011
A trail of hope from Geneva to Equatorial Guinea: using the UPR for national level impact

CESR is providing support to Equatoguinean human rights defenders eager to make use of the UPR.

News and Events | September 26, 2011
Press release: UNESCO Must Stop Discredited Prize

CESR has joined forces with eight other human rights organizations to confront moves to resurrect the discredited UNESCO-Obiang Science Prize. The government of Equatorial Guinea is hoping to bring back the award honouring dictator Teodoro Obiang, which was suspended last year.

News and Events | September 19, 2011
Supporting Equatorial Guinea's embattled rights defenders

Despite spectacular rates of growth, the majority of Equatorial Guinea's population continues to live in poverty. On Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 September CESR joined forces with EG Justice and several Equatoguinean NGOs to stage a capacity-building workshop in Madrid.

News and Events | October 20, 2010
UNESCO Suspends Dictator Prize After Global Protest

CESR and its partners welcomed UNESCO's decision today to suspend, indefinitely, the prize funded by and named after President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea.

News and Events | August 11, 2010
UNESCO: Pull Obiang Prize

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization should cancel the Obiang Prize at its next session in October 2010, the Center for Economic and Social Rights and 95 partner groups said in a letter sent to UNESCO Executive Board members today.

Blog | May 25, 2010
Supporting Equatorial Guinea’s embattled rights defenders

Despite high rates of economic growth, most Equatoguineans continue to live in poverty.

News and Events | May 25, 2010
UNESCO Must Stop Discredited Prize

Equatorial Guinea Seeks to Resurrect UNESCO-Obiang Science Prize.

News and Events | May 9, 2010
Why UNESCO should just cancel the Obiang life sciences prize

"UNESCO is allowing itself to be used to burnish the unsavory reputation of a cruel and corrupt despot." --Tutu Alicante, EG Justice

News and Events | May 6, 2010
UNESCO: End Alliance with Corrupt Dictator

UNESCO-Obiang Science Prize Funded by Suspect Money from Equatorial Guinea Leader.

News and Events | March 24, 2010
Equatorial Guinea reports to Human Rights Council

Government and NGOs present different pictures before UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.  

Blog | January 1, 2010
UNESCO: ‘Dictator Prize’ Suspension Only a Temporary Fix

Prize honoring Equatorial Guinea leader should be cancelled

Publications, Submissions | December 6, 2009
Equatorial Guinea: Submission to Universal Periodic Review

CESR individual submission to the OHCHR on the occasion of the sixth session of the Universal Periodic Review, December 2009.

Factsheets, Publications | November 20, 2009
Hoja Informativa sobre Guinea Ecuatorial

Guinea Ecuatorial se ha convertido en el país más rico en renta per capita del África subsahariana.

Factsheets, Publications | November 2, 2009
Equatorial Guinea Factsheet

This 2009 factsheet focuses on the rights to health, education, water and sanitation.

News and Events | September 8, 2009
Equatorial Guinea: resource cursed

An article in Foreign Policy demonstrates how Equatorial Guinea's oil is hurting rather than helping