Featured Update

September 25, 2020
The Fight for Human Rights in the Context of COVID-19: a tough ride for Brazilian civil society organizations. Guest blog by Livi Gerbase, policy advisor at the Instituto de Estudos Socioeconômicos (INESC).  
December 11, 2017
CESR's Allison Corkery writes in Open Society Foundations Voices blog about using OPERA tool with Legal Resources Centre to identify indicators and analyze data for tracking implementation on South African education rights case.
November 22, 2017
CESR workshopped with multiple European partners in Riga, Latvia to strengthen national human rights institutes' capacity to increase skills for handling ESCR complaints and monitoring socioeconomic policies. 
November 21, 2017
The Paradise Papers prompt a demand for an international convention ending cross-border tax abuse and financial secrecy. A transnational problem, tackling tax abuse requires a concerted global response.  
November 8, 2017
In a new case study, CESR and the Legal Resources Centre reflect on a joint project piloting the use of the OPERA framework to analyze implementation in a case on the right to education in South Africa.   
October 10, 2017
At the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings, CESR staffers discussed inequality, progressive fiscal policy and human rights while launching a briefing on austerity and women’s rights.
September 3, 2017
A workshop in Scotland asked how human rights can help design policies that tackle economic inequality and social exclusion. 
July 25, 2017
Blog: CESR reflects on the shortcomings of the 2017 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. 
June 28, 2017
Blog: New CESCR General Comment details governments’ legal duties to prevent and address the adverse impacts of corporate tax avoidance on human rights.
June 19, 2017
New SDG progress report confirms civil society fears that weak monitoring is undermining the agenda.  
June 8, 2017
Last month, CESR's Allison Corkery joined a group of practitioners and academics from diverse disciplines for a workshop organized by the Human Rights Methodology Lab.