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United States: Fighting for the Right to Education

In the United States, CESR has focused close to home, in efforts to improve educational standards in New York City public schools by bringing a human rights perspective to education issues. 

Report on Civil Society and School Accountability: A Human Rights Approach to Parent and Community Participation

This report argues that parents and communities have a human right to participate in the management and oversight of the school system, and that the effective protection of the right to participation is essential for accountability at all levels. It identifies and critiques the obstacles to participation that currently exist in New York City schools and makes recommendations based on human rights standards for how to better ensure effective civil society participation. This is a joint report by CESR and New York University Institute for Education and Social Policy.

See also these four factsheets published by CESR as part of this project: 
CESR has also developed these training materials:

Testimony before the New York City task force on NYC governance

In 2002-2003, CESR testified on the human rights framework around the right to education before the NY State Assembly Task Force on Community School District Governance Reform. The testimony was part of a series of public hearings to gather input from parents, community members and education advocates on how to change the NYC governance structure.