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Case studies, Publications | December 17, 2021
The right to health of miners in Botswana

This brief case study examines the use of OPERA, CESR’s research framework, to assess the right to health of miners and ex-miners in Botswana.

News and Events | October 15, 2021
CEWLA and CESR Submit a Follow up Report on Egypt to the CEDAW’s 80th Session

The report analyzes issues raised by the Committee related particularly to women’s enjoyment of economic and social rights, in light of the pandemic and in the context of the IMF-backed economic reform program in Egypt.

News and Events | September 25, 2020
IMF annuals side-event: The Role of IFIs in a World of Intersecting Conflicts and Crises in the MENA Region

Taking place 5 October 2020, this session will assess IFI's policies in contexts of crises and conflicts, mainly in the MENA Region, by examining the existing policies and their impact on inequality.

News and Events | May 4, 2020
Truths and Lies about this Pandemic: What are the Lessons for Health Rights and Social Justice?

In a blog for the Global Intiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, former CESR board member Alicia Ely Yamin argues that the pandemic is not “a great equalizer” but rather an "x-ray" of preexisting social inequalities and rights violations driven by neoliberalism.

Blog | March 27, 2020
Time for a Rights-Based Global Economic Stimulus to Tackle COVID-19

Safeguarding human rights in economic responses to the COVID-19 crisis demands governments finally lay to rest the prevailing dogma of austerity.

Blog | January 28, 2020
What Place for Human Rights in the Growing Movement against Inequality?

How can human rights tools and approaches help amplify the efforts and experiences of those who face inequality on a daily basis?

Blog | November 8, 2019
Human Rights and the Global Protests: Addressing Systems as well as Symptoms

Human rights advocates should be as concerned with the economic injustices giving rise to recent worldwide demonstrations as with the repressive responses to them.

News and Events | October 16, 2019
Lessons from Ecuador: Challenging Austerity and Human Rights Erosion at the IMF

CESR will be at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings this week, challenging the IMF’s global role in driving austerity measures that result in the steady erosion of human rights in countries such as Ecuador.

News and Events | October 11, 2019
The IMF and Right to Food: Conditionality on Food and Agriculture in the Arab Region

This session on Thursday, October 17th at the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings will discuss IMF-imposed policies in the Arab Region that impact agricultural policies and achievement of the right to food from regional and national perspectives, as well as propose alternatives.

News and Events | October 11, 2019
The IMF and Inequalities: Tensions between Structural Adjustments and Structural Transformations

This discussion on Thursday, October 17th at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings debates the balance between IMF-advised structural adjustments and the need for systemic changes in financial governance, to ensure governments can achieve SDG 10 and tackle inequalities on multiple levels.

Blog | September 20, 2019
Striking at the Roots of the Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is also a human rights crisis that requires a courageous, informed and robust response from the human rights community.

Blog | July 26, 2019
Technocratic Fiddling While the Planet Burns: Towards a Higher Level of Ambition for the HLPF

The 2019 HLPF had admirable rhetoric, but not much evidence of serious efforts at comprehensive implementation, and a host of major flaws and limitations to contend with.

News and Events | July 16, 2019
South Africa: Is Resource Mobilization Reducing Inequality?

As South Africa presents its review at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York, a rights-based snapshot of obstacles and opportunities is put forward by CESR, the Institute for Economic Justice and Section 27.

News and Events | July 10, 2019

How to Tackle Inequality, Realize Human Rights and Achieve SDG 10  LINK TO EVENT FLYER Event Title:  FIGHTING INEQUALITY: Time to be Bold. How to Tackle Inequality, Realize Human Rights and Achieve SDG 10

News and Events | July 8, 2019
Spotlight on Inequalities at High-Level SDG Forum 2019

The Spotlight on Sustainable Development Report 2019 asserts that successful implementation of the SDGs requires more holistic and more sweeping shifts in how and where power is vested, including through institutional, legal and political commitments to realizing human rights.

Blog | April 22, 2019
The State of Tax in Latin America: Massive Evasion and Avoidance Block Human Rights and Development

States are obligated to mobilize their maximum available resources to progressively advance rights and reduce disparities between the wealthy and the most disadvantaged.

News and Events | April 12, 2019
Gender, Transnational Inequalities Stressed at Prep Meetings for 2019 HLPF on Sustainable Development

In late February 2019, Kate Donald (the Director of CESR’s Economic and Social Policy program) participated in an expert meeting organized by UN Women, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the UNFCCC Secretariat in Vienna, Austria. “Tackling global challenges to equality and inclusion through the gender-responsive implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” aimed to provide a gender perspective on interlinkages between Goals 10, 13 and 16.

Blog | January 24, 2019
Legacies of apartheid: South African austerity perpetuates the inequalities of decades past

The South African government’s  adoption of austerity measures now perpetuates many of the same inequalities that apartheid upheld many years ago.

News and Events | November 13, 2018
Are Human Rights Relevant to Economic Inequality? A response through the lens of social protection

Ignacio Saiz and Kate Donald's submission to Social Protection and Human Rights discussed the relevance of human rights to economic inequality debates.

News and Events | October 30, 2018
South Africa urged to end austerity measures amid "unacceptably high levels of inequality"

Civil society inputs documenting rights deprivations in health, education, tax policies were crucial to CESCR recommendation.

News and Events | October 24, 2018
Beyond Boundaries: allying human rights with other struggles for economic and social justice

Groundbreaking gathering of diverse social justice movements affirmed the need to maintain a focus on long-term systemic change and a commitment to reciprocity and mutual learning.

News and Events | October 1, 2018
Civil society organizations urge South Africa to end austerity measures and combat inequality

As South Africa presents its first human rights compliance report to the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, CSOs call for a human rights-based approach to fiscal and economic policy, steps to tackle corruption and increased funding for healthcare and education.

News and Events | July 31, 2018
Defenders’ Forum reaffirms indivisibility of human rights and of movements fighting for them

CESR’s Executive Director Ignacio Saiz joined more than 60 human rights defenders from across the globe at the annual Human Rights Defenders Forum hosted by the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia from 21-24 July. This year’s Forum, entitled “Restoring Faith in Freedom”, included a focus on economic and social rights and their role in restoring the social contract.

News and Events | July 9, 2018
Sustainable development off-track without fundamental policy changes

Spotlight 2018 reports that the "world is off-track in terms of achieving sustainable development..."

News and Events | July 5, 2018
High-Level Political Forum 2018: An opportunity to bring the SDGs back on track?

At the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development at the UN, CESR will advocate for reorienting SDG implementation so it is compatible with human rights and fiscal justice.

Blog | June 7, 2018
UN poverty expert urges the U.S. to “get real about taxes”

U.N. poverty expert Philip Alston's report on U.S. poverty reflects CESR concerns about effects of tax cuts on human rights and inequality.

News and Events | May 29, 2018
Rising inequality is a wake-up call for human rights

Media: Ignacio Saiz writes in Open Global Rights that the challenges economic inequality poses for human rights are not the death knell for the movement but a wake-up call for a more holistic approach.

Blog | May 17, 2018
Human rights must rise to the challenge of growing inequality, not retreat in defeat

The challenges economic inequality poses for human rights are not the death knell for the movement but a wake-up call for a more holistic approach.

News and Events | May 16, 2018
Human Rights in an Age of Austerity: casualty or compass?

Media: Preventing another “lost decade” will require us to see human rights values not as merely collateral damage of economic policy, but as cogent and universal norms actively guiding tough fiscal dilemmas in the public’s interest.

Blog | April 26, 2018
Economic inequality and human rights: towards a more nuanced assessment

The challenges facing human rights are not the death knell for the movement, but a wake up call for a more holistic approach.

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