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News and Events | December 5, 2021
CESR Co-Organizes Strategic Meeting of Indigenous Leaders From Peru and Colombia

At the event, we highlighted how the Principles for Human Rights in Fiscal Policies can aid the claims of indigenous peoples.

News and Events | November 18, 2021
Global Civil Society Petitions UN to Investigate Discrimination in Vaccine Roll-Out

A broad coalition of public health experts, human rights law groups, and organizations -including CESR- have taken legal action against the US, UK, Germany, Norway, and Switzerland due to an inequitable and racially discriminatory rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Publications | October 10, 2021
Learning From Our Community

What have we learned from our organizations mobilizing for economic transformation in the wake of COVID-19.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | August 5, 2021
Aligning Demands for a Just Recovery

We organized two community calls with partners and allies from across the social, economic, and environmental justice movements. In this brief publication, you can find out more about what we learned about working together for a rights-based economic transformation in the wake of COVID-19.

Publications | August 1, 2021
Economics & Human Rights in South Africa During COVID

In this collaborative series between the Institute for Economic Justice, CESR and SECTION27, we explore the link between economics and human rights during COVID-19 in South Africa.

Blog | June 8, 2021
Reclaiming the Narrative: Using Data to Shift Power for Economic and Social Rights

Human rights can help us examine how power is reproduced in the production, collection, and use of data. They also suggest how we can correct these imbalances and distortions. We are engaging in collective efforts to develop data principles for economic, social, and cultural rights.

Blog | May 13, 2021
Zooming Out: Strategizing for a Just Recovery in Virtual Spaces

We recently experimented with a new format for sparking conversations online, gathering more than 50 partners and allies. The result? Valuable insights on the shared challenges of building a just recovery from COVID-19.

News and Events | April 29, 2021
Fostering new approaches to monitor COVID recovery in MENA

We shared toolkits and methods for a rights-based monitoring of COVID-19 recovery with the Oxfam FAIR-EiU Knowledge Hub forum.

News and Events | March 24, 2021
Sharing Tools to Evaluate the Impact of COVID-19 Recovery Measures

On March 5th, CESR led a skill-sharing session with members of EuroMed’s Economic and Social Rights Working Group, which explored ways to assess economic responses to COVID-19 through a human rights lens.

News and Events | November 4, 2020
Webinar | Defining a new economics: what role for human rights?

On Monday, November 9th, CESR will be co-hosting a webinar with the Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ) and SECTION27 that asks: what role for human rights in defining a new economics?

Our Work, Publications | October 15, 2020
2019 Annual Report

CESR's annual report for 2019 surveys the impact of our work in a year when millions around the world took to the streets. It shares some of the progress we made—in countries around the world, in international human rights and development spaces, and in the broader field of social justice activism which we serve.

News and Events | July 27, 2020
Forging Tools for Fiscal Justice in the Andean Region

Since 2016, CESR has worked with civil society partners in Peru and Colombia to build greater consensus on how public resources can be more equitably generated and distributed, in line with human rights obligations.

News and Events | May 15, 2020
CESR Joins Judicial Action Against Devastating Brazilian Spending Freeze

CESR is supporting a coalition of 192 Brazilian civil society organizations and social justice groups as they file a judicial action against Brazil’s expenditure cap, which has had grievous effects on the wellbeing of many of Brazil’s citizens, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

News and Events | May 4, 2020
Invest in the Care Economy for a Just, Green, Feminist COVID-19 Response and Recovery

CESR and over 125 networks, trade unions, and organizations are demanding a COVID-19 response and recovery that is just, green, and feminist. As burdens frequently shouldered by women continue to worsen in the midst of the pandemic, we call for a greatly expanded investment in the “care economy."

Blog | January 28, 2020
What Place for Human Rights in the Growing Movement against Inequality?

How can human rights tools and approaches help amplify the efforts and experiences of those who face inequality on a daily basis?

News and Events | December 4, 2019
Going Against the Grain: Human Rights and Working for Change

The Going Against the Grain conference focused on local grassroots initiatives that use human rights as a practical tool to actively take on vested interests and advance economic democracy.

Blog | June 4, 2019
Linking Fiscal and Environmental Justice Agendas in the Andean Region

Environmental, socioeconomic and fiscal injustices in the Andean Region mutually reinforce each other, disproportionally affecting the rights and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples and Afro-descendant communities.

News and Events | October 24, 2018
Beyond Boundaries: allying human rights with other struggles for economic and social justice

Groundbreaking gathering of diverse social justice movements affirmed the need to maintain a focus on long-term systemic change and a commitment to reciprocity and mutual learning.

Blog | May 17, 2018
Human rights must rise to the challenge of growing inequality, not retreat in defeat

The challenges economic inequality poses for human rights are not the death knell for the movement but a wake-up call for a more holistic approach.

News and Events | May 10, 2018
Fiscal Policies and the Safeguarding of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru

Fiscal Policies and the Safeguarding of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Latin America