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August 26, 2021
Our Program Officer Sakshi Rai on the need for a global tax reform, and how tax abuse by corporates harms workers' rights.
May 29, 2019
Despite Egypt’s general progress on health outcomes, gaps persist that reflect entrenched patterns of social and... Read More
April 15, 2019
CESR's Egypt Social Progress Indicators project has published the first independent, systematic review of socioeconomic... Read More
April 2, 2019
Fiscal austerity in Egypt has entrenched and worsened existing patterns of poverty, inequality and exclusion.    
Corporate tax avoidance evasion abuse
April 2, 2019
Abusive corporate tax practices are a structural obstacle to human rights fulfillment in the Americas.
March 13, 2019
Presentación a la OCDE de la Iniciativa para los principios y directrices de derechos humanos en política fiscal en... Read More
March 13, 2019
Submission by the Initiative for Human Rights Principles and Guidelines in Fiscal Policy in Latin America to the OECD.
Egypt Social Progress Indicators Urbanization
January 30, 2019
There are a number of policy areas that need substantial improvements to ensure Egypt’s urban development plans are... Read More
Egypt Social Progress Indicators Labor
January 30, 2019
There  is a need for broad policy change to improve socioeconomic wellbeing, labor conditions and employment outcomes... Read More
ESPI Economic Policy.png
January 30, 2019
The ESPI Factsheet on Economic Policy demonstrates that the Egyptian economy has significant room for improvement when... Read More
Beyond Boundaries
January 7, 2019
The August 2018 international convening identified strategies for more dynamic engagement between economic and social... Read More
Center for economic and social rights brochure
November 9, 2018
CESR promotes socioeconomic and development policies that reduce inequality and realize economic and social rights, and... Read More
Joint Submission to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the occasion of the review of South Africa’s first period report at the 64th Session, October 2018
UN submissions
September 10, 2018
South Africa submission explores the State's obligation to use “maximum available resources" and argues against... Read More