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Panel on Accountability Dimension: Social Protection as a Tool for the Reduction of Inequalities

On February 14th, CESR's Kate Donald, Director of Human Rights in Economic and Social Policy Program, will participate in a panel discussion on "Accountability Dimension: Social Protection as a Tool for the Reduction of Inequalities."  The panel is a side event at the 57th Session of the Commission for Social Development at the UN in New York City.

The side event takes place February 14th from 1:15 - 2:30 p.m. in Conference Room 7 at the UN and includes the following participants:
Mr. Vertti Kiukas, Secretary General of SOSTE, Finnish Federation on Social Affairs and Health, Member of the Finish Delegation to the 57th session of the CSocDProf
Lynne Healy, Main Representative of IASSW to the United Nations
Cecilie Golden, Programme Specialist, UNESCO-MOST
Helen Mudora, Programme Manager, Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP)
Kate Donald, Program Director, Center for Economic and Social Rights
Dr. Sergei Zelenev, Executive Director, ICSW
Moderator: Sylvia Beales Gelber, Inclusive social development consultant and strategic advisor to the Africa Platform on Social Protection (APSP)
The side event will discuss conceptual issues as well as practical solutions pertinent to the theme of 57th session of the Commission for Social Development—addressing inequalities and challenges to social inclusion through fiscal, wage and social protection policies.
Its aim is to promote reflection, debate and innovative thinking, including on emerging challenges on social protection as a tool for the reduction of inequalities and poverty.
Exploring the accountability potential of human rights mechanisms for the universal implementation of social and economic rights that relate to social protection, the speakers will address how this framework applies to all stakeholders, with duty bearers and rights holders being accountable for their role in implementing 2030 Agenda, within their respective governance frameworks and scope of responsibility. The presenters will focus on the accountability dimension of social protection in designing and delivering accountable social protection schemes, the links between social protection and human rights in reducing inequalities and explore the role of civil society in social protection accountability monitoring.