News and Events | October 15, 2021
CEWLA and CESR Submit a Follow up Report on Egypt to the CEDAW’s 80th Session

The report analyzes issues raised by the Committee related particularly to women’s enjoyment of economic and social rights, in light of the pandemic and in the context of the IMF-backed economic reform program in Egypt.

News and Events | April 29, 2021
Fostering new approaches to monitor COVID recovery in MENA

We shared toolkits and methods for a rights-based monitoring of COVID-19 recovery with the Oxfam FAIR-EiU Knowledge Hub forum.

Publications | October 9, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators: Education

Egypt’s performance in some areas of education is relatively high compared to other LMICs, but in other areas it is very low. 

Publications | October 8, 2019
Egypt: Rights, Regression and Repression

This factsheet finds that Egypt still suffers from staggering levels of socioeconomic inequality, a stagnant labor market, widespread poverty, and endemic corruption.   

News and Events | June 7, 2019
Co-designing and Threat-modeling Accountability Tools for Restricted Civic Spaces: the Egypt Social Progress Indicators Platform

CESR staffers will be at #RightsCon next week in Tunis and on June 13th will host a session on "Co-designing and Threat-modeling Accountability Tools for Restricted Civic Spaces."

Publications | May 29, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators: Health

Despite Egypt’s general progress on health outcomes, gaps persist that reflect entrenched patterns of social and economic disparity.

News and Events | May 28, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators Reveal How Austerity Feeds Gross Inequalities

The Egypt Social Progress Indicators Project finds that IMF-mandated austerity policies are amplifying severe inequalities and undermining the rights to health, education, housing and decent work for millions of Egyptians.

Publications | April 15, 2019
ESPI Annual Report 2018: Measuring Progress Towards Improved Wellbeing in Egypt

CESR's Egypt Social Progress Indicators project has published the first independent, systematic review of socioeconomic development in Egypt.

Publications | April 2, 2019
Meeting the Demands for Economic and Social Justice: Joint Submission on the Situation of Economic and Social Rights in Egypt

Fiscal austerity in Egypt has entrenched and worsened existing patterns of poverty, inequality and exclusion.    

Publications | January 30, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators: Urbanization

There are a number of policy areas that need substantial improvements to ensure Egypt’s urban development plans are sustainable and contribute to social progress. 

Publications | January 30, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators: Labor

There  is a need for broad policy change to improve socioeconomic wellbeing, labor conditions and employment outcomes in Egypt.

Publications | January 30, 2019
Egypt Social Progress Indicators: Economic Policy

The ESPI Factsheet on Economic Policy demonstrates that the Egyptian economy has significant room for improvement when it comes to directing economic policy priorities towards improving socioeconomic wellbeing. 

News and Events | November 1, 2018
ESPI provides alternative to traditional economic indicators that ignore the disenfranchised

Mahinour El-Badrawi was interviewed about ESPI for Tax Justice Network's Arabic Podcast.

News and Events | October 30, 2018
Labor rights and workplace equality in Egypt: new measure finds progress lacking

The Egypt Social Progress Indicators (ESPI) project recently released findings reflecting an overall need for broad policy changes to improve labor rights, working conditions and wage trends.

News and Events | July 17, 2018
Do Metrics Matter? Accountability for Economic and Social Rights in Post- Revolution Egypt

In Economic and Social Rights in a Neoliberal World, Allison Corkery and Heba Khalil identify the ways in which quantification can help build civil society power while challenging neoliberalism in Egypt.

Blog | July 12, 2018
OPERA Stories: Using metrics to reframe “progress” in Egypt

Heba Khalil is a longstanding collaborator with CESR, most recently on the Egypt Social Progress Indicators. She is a PhD student at the University of Illinois and a researcher with the Social Justice Platform (SJP).

Basic page | June 8, 2018
ESPI: Egypt Social Progress Indicators

A new metric, developed jointly by CESR and its partners in Egypt, offers a multidimensional view of the socioeconomic situation in Egypt and its human impacts.   

Blog | June 8, 2018
Egypt: New rights-based metric measures social and development progress

A new metric, developed jointly by CESR and its partners in Egypt, offers a more multidimensional view of the socioeconomic situation in Egypt and its human impacts.

Publications | April 17, 2018
OPERA in Practice: Visibilizing Rights in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

CESR compiled a factsheet as a snapshot illustrating rights realization in Egypt in 2013.  

News and Events | April 13, 2018
Egypt's Economy: Turning a Corner or Going in Circles? Civil Society Perspectives

Thursday, April 19th, 2018, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.Bank Information Center (BIC), 10th Floor, 1023 15th St. NW, Washington, DC  20005

Publications | February 10, 2017
Egypt’s IMF deal: a huge price tag for human rights

The impacts of structural adjustment reforms associated with the loan raise strong human rights concerns, particularly for the status of economic and social  rights.

News and Events | September 30, 2016
Egypt cracks down on human rights while championing sustainable development at UN

Statement: CESR expresses deep concern over the recent verdict, and ongoing crackdown, against human rights defenders and organizations in Egypt.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | June 9, 2015
Egypt: Widespread rights retrogression exposed before UPR

The 11 briefing papers in this series were prepared by CESR and the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

Blog | May 5, 2015
New tools for old problems: closing the accountability gap in Egypt

Allison Corkery on the next phased of our ongoing collaboration with Egyptian human rights defenders.

News and Events | March 12, 2015
Egypt's new government promised an economic revolution -- but Egyptians get more of the same

Foreign Policy Op-ed: As Egypt hosts a major investment conference, CESR's Allison Corkery and ECESR's Heba Khalil warn against pursuing the same failed development model of the past.

Blog | November 20, 2014
A missed opportunity for ESCR: Reflections on Egypt's appearance before UPR

CESR's Allison Corkery reflects on the challenges of holding Egypt to account before the UN for its ESCR obligations.

News and Events | November 9, 2014
Amid crackdown, UN calls on Egypt to protect civil society space

Press release: The Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review mechanism has called on Egypt to put an end to repression of civil society voices.

News and Events | November 4, 2014
After threats, Egyptian organizations decide not to participate in UPR

Press release: The joint press release reproduced here has been issued by CESR's partners in Egypt in the light of their decision not to attend the country's appearance before the UPR.

News and Events | November 3, 2014
Egypt to answer to UN for deteriorating human rights conditions

Press release: Egypt comes before the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review mechanism amid worsening deprivation and a crackdown on civil society space in the country.

News and Events | May 21, 2014
Security forces raid the ECESR and sexually harass women

Press release: This statement was issued by CESR's partner organization, the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, after its offices were raided by security forces on Thursday 22 May.

News and Events | April 10, 2014
Egypt must stop penalizing the poor

Op-ed: Writing in Foreign Policy, CESR's Allison Corkery and the ECESR's Heba Khalil unpack the economic and social rights issues at stake in Egypt's elections.    

News and Events | April 6, 2014
130 organizations join forces at UN to confront Egypt's human rights crisis

Press Release: As presidential elections draw near in Egypt, a large coalition is taking the country to task before the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review.

Factsheets, Publications | February 16, 2014
Rights regressions and short-sighted austerity policies in Egypt

Factsheet provides a concise statistical snapshot of worrying trends in the country (2013).

News and Events | December 11, 2013
UN criticizes Egypt's rights record and calls for increased investment in ESCR

Press release: The United Nations has raised serious concerns over shortcomings in ESCR in Egypt.

Blog | November 22, 2013
Egypt rights activists take struggle to Geneva

CESR and its partners travelled to Geneva as Egypt was reviewed at the 51st session of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

News and Events | November 15, 2013
Egypt's rights record found wanting at UN

Press release: The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has firmly criticised Egypt's failure to address the social injustices and marked inequality that fuelled the 2011 revolution.

News and Events | November 10, 2013
Egypt to answer to UN body for ongoing social rights crisis

Press release: CESR and its Egyptian partners are in Geneva this week as the North African country makes its first appearance before a UN human rights treaty body since the Arab Spring revolution.

Publications, Reports & Briefings, Submissions | October 9, 2013
Egypt: new report brings economic and social rights deficits to attention of UN

UN submission: CESR has joined forces with a broad coalition of 57 organizations on a joint parallel report taking the Egyptian government to task at the United Nations.

News and Events | July 28, 2013
Egypt: No freedom without social justice

Despite being one of the nations at the heart of the Arab Spring, uncertainty and political tension continue to bedevil Egypt two years after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak.

News and Events | February 3, 2011
CESR condemns assault, coercion and threats of human rights workers and journalists in Egypt

Crackdown campaign betrays an apparent attempt to stifle the flow of information, silence independent reporting and to eliminate potential witnesses to further government repressions that may occur in the coming days.

News and Events | February 3, 2011
Disparities Underlie Calls for Change

Disparities between youth and adults, and between men and women, especially in health, education and labor rights, reveal much.

Publications, Submissions | June 6, 2010
Egypt: Submission to UN Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review

Joint submission to the OHCHR at the seventh session of the Universal Periodic Review, 2010.

News and Events | August 13, 2009
Egypt's first arrest in enforcing ban on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Egypt made its first arrest of someone to violate its complete ban of female genital mutiliation/cutting (FGM/C), Al Arabiya reports.