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Seminar: New Horizons in Economic and Social Rights Monitoring

Introduction Agenda Presenters Papers and Presentations The OPERA Framework

Session 1: TAKING STOCK: Progress and challenges for ESC rights monitoring

  • Taking stock of advances in treaty body monitoring (abstract) (Eibe Riedel, UN CESCR)
  • Surveying the field of ESC rights monitoring: an OHCHR perspective (abstract) (Christian Courtis, OHCHR)
  • Economics & Rights: interdisciplinary monitoring approaches (abstract) (Radhika Balakrishnan, CWGL) 
  • Reflections on AI??s ESC rights monitoring a decade after Dakar (abstract) (Rajat Khosla, AI)
  • Methodological challenges in ESCR monitoring in complex environments (powerpoint presentation) (Elijah Odhiambo, Hakijamii)

Session 2. TAKING STOCK: Lessons learnt from litigation

Session 3. METHODS IN FOCUS: Rights-based indicators

Session 4. METHODS IN FOCUS: Rights-based budget and cost analysis

Session 5. FRAMING FULFILMENT: Quantitative monitoring of progressive realization

Session 6. FRAMING FULFILMENT: The OPERA framework

Session 7. NEW HORIZONS: Opportunities ahead

  • Monitoring ESC rights in times of economic crisis and recession (abstract) (Introductory presentation: Ros McKenna, AI Ireland) (powerpoint presentation)
  • Rights-based metrics and the post-2015 development agenda
    (Introductory presentation: Joachim Nahem, UNDP)
  • Monitoring in the context of the ICESCR Optional Protocol mechanism
    (Introductory presentation: Sandra Ratjen, ICJ)