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Secretary General must prioritize rights-based financing in post-2015 agenda

The Righting Finance letter to the UN Secretary General can de downloaded in pdf format here

The Righting Finance initiative, of which CESR is a member, has submitted a letter to the United Nations Secretary General concerning the financing issues at stake in his forthcoming synthesis report. The Secretary General's upcoming report will be an important input into the intergovernmental negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda Summit.

The letter makes reference to the human rights audit that Righting Finance carried out on the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Finance report, assessing it from the perspective of international human rights principles including those of maximum available resources, non-retrogression, minimum core, non-discrimination and equality, participation, transparency and accountability, access to justice and access to remedies.

“A reading of our assessment will show that while we find several of the Committee’s recommendations useful steps towards the realization of human rights, we also find others fail to utilize and build on grounds available among existing human rights standards,” the letter said.

In the letter, Righting Finance requested that the UN Secretary General’s Synthesis Report, in line with his earlier statements, builds on international human rights law for its recommendations on financing means of implementation of the post-2015 development agenda, and made several concrete recommendations towards that end.