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ESCR-Net Monitoring Working Group



The Working Group is made up of ESCR-Net members interested in monitoring.  All ESCR-Net members are welcome to join the group. Monitoring describes a range of activities that seek to track progress in realizing ESCR and to identify and document deprivations of these rights. The Working Group seeks to promote dialogue about how new tools and techniques may be employed—individually or in combination—to more effectively monitor socio-economic policies and strengthen accountability for states' human rights obligations.
We aim to strengthen the capacity of ESCR-Net members to effectively monitor ESCR by:
* Disseminating innovative methodological tools for ESCR monitoring.
* Providing opportunities for mutual learning and sharing of experiences.
* Providing a space to explore conceptual questions related to the development of new monitoring methodologies, as well as for practical questions on their use.
* Foster collaborations among members and with other working groups to apply various methodological tools in their monitoring and advocacy activities.
* Increase oversight of socio-economic and fiscal policies, such as public budgets and tax systems, to ensure they are accountable, responsive and oriented towards human rights principles and obligations.