Economy & Human Rights in South Africa During COVID

The Institute for Economic Justice, SECTION27 and CESR, have released a series of factsheets on how the right to an adequate standard of living can be protected in South Africa during the pandemic. In the context of major budget cuts that are likely going to further threaten the realization of rights in the country, the factsheets offer concrete recommendations on actions the government should take to live up to its constitutional and international human rights commitments.

The factsheets draw on the concluding observations made by the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which reviewed South Africa in October 2018. The Committee called on the government to review a number of practices—including in relation to fiscal policy—in order for the country to meet its human rights obligations and achieve greater levels of economic redistribution. The factsheets outline how the committee's concerns have been affected by COVID-19; summarizes the key recommendations they made; assesses whether or not the government's response to these recommendations has been adequate, and sets out a concrete list of proposed actions that would ensure the Committee's recommendations were advanced in the government's COVID-19 response.  

Download the publications here: