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New online resource to promote effective monitoring

CESR is excited to announce the launch of a new online resource for monitoring economic and social rights. As coordinator of the ESCR-Net Working Group on Monitoring Methods, CESR has led the development of a new website - - to help equip activists and advocates with the knowledge and skills they need to persuasively challenge deprivations that might otherwise remain invisible.

Understood broadly, monitoring incorporates a range of investigative activities—from periodic auditing of a country or corporation’s human rights performance, to more in-depth examination of a particular situation. Recent years have seen a proliferation of new tools and methods for monitoring economic and social rights, but these advances have largely unfolded in a fragmented and isolated way. In an effort to bring these experiences together and enable much-needed dialogue, the new online space facilitates exchange and mutual learning about methods to strengthen the accountability of states and other actors for their human rights obligations. 

Designed with the support of the ESCR-Net Secretariat, and close collaboration from a Steering Committee comprised of ESCR-Net members, the new site disseminates innovative methodological tools, provides opportunities for mutual learning and sharing experiences, and facilitates collaborations both among members and with other ESCR-Net Working Groups. On it, members of the working group can:

  • Browse materials in the Resource Library according to type (e.g. toolkits, reports, databases), task (e.g. identifying indicators, analyzing data) and topic (e.g. business, gender, health, etc).
  • Keep up-to-date with new resources, commentary, events and opportunities in the News Blog.
  • Learn about innovative approaches to monitoring profiled in Featured Projects.
  • Share innovative ideas in Monthly Discussions about a particular topic related to monitoring.

The website will grow on the basis of suggestions for new research, training materials, or other publications related to monitoring. Subscribe to the Group’s mailing list to stay up to date with the latest content.