Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 2004
Beyond Torture: US Violations of Occupation Law in Iraq

This report, from June 2004, presents ten categories of US violations of the laws of occupation.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 2003
Iraq: Water under seige

From April 2003, this report examines the lack of safe water in Iraq caused by the war.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 2003
The Human Cost of War in Iraq

In January 2003, a CESR organized a research mission to Iraq to assess the likely humanitarian consequences of war.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | March 3, 2003
Tearing up the Rules: The Illegality of Invading Iraq

In March 2003, CESR presented a comprehensive analysis of why a war against Iraq would be unequivocally illegal.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | July 3, 1997
Sanctions Against Iraq: Costs of Failure

In 1997, CESR organized a fourth mission to Iraq to research a comprehensive report on the economic impact of sanctions.

Publications | January 5, 1996
Unsanctioned Suffering

This report offered evidence of the devastating toll that UN-imposed sanctions were taking on Iraqi society.

Publications, Reports & Briefings | September 3, 1991
Health and Welfare in Iraq after the Gulf Crisis: An In-Depth Assessment

The findings of an 87-person international mission on the human rights impacts of the Gulf Crisis (1991).