Fiscal Policy and the Rights of Indigenous and Afro-descendant Peoples

This video captures some of the powerful insights from a workshop hosted in Bogotá, Colombia by CESR and Akubadaura in April 2019. The workshop brought together Indigenous and Afro-descendant leaders from Peru and Colombia to discuss the links between unjust fiscal policies, extractive industries, and the rights and wellbeing of their communities. In particular, participants discussed the need for innovative tools and conceptual frameworks to support and operationalize a new common agenda for fiscal and environmental justice, incorporating an ethnic and racial justice lens. 
You can read more about the workshop here. The meeting was the first step in an ongoing process CESR is leading that seeks to strengthen collaborative efforts to fight fiscal injustice in the context of development models dominated by extractive industries. The process aims to develop tools for Indigenous and Afro-descendant organizations in the Andean region to monitor economic policies more effectively.