La adopción de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio supuso un hito para la comunidad internacional. Sin embargo, los esfuerzos para lograr su cumplimiento están siendo insuficientes.
Derechos en Crisis
La pobreza no es natural ni inevitable, sino una injusticia exacerbada por violaciones a los derechos humanos. La crisis economica actual ha demostrado como las políticas inadecuadas profundizan la pobreza, inequidad y privación.
La Era de la Austeridad en españa
Lo que en España comenzó como una crisis económica, está derivando en una crisis de derechos humanos. El impacto ha sido especialmente duro entre la gente joven, y los grupos marginalizados, como las mujeres y la comunidad roma.
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Transforming the development agenda requires more, not less, attention to human rights
Opinion article: Writing for Open Global Rights, CESR's Ignacio Saiz and Radhika Balakrishnan of the Center for Women's Global Leadership discuss the role of human rights in post-2015 development.
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SDGs merely dead letters without fiscal justice and human rights
Blog: Unless governments agree to concrete tax and budgetary commitments which ensure robust, equitable and accountable fiscal foundations for sustainable development, the SDGs are likely to fail.
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Spain: Strengthening joint action to protect the right to health of undocumented migrants
Joint statement: Amnesty International, CESR, Medicos del Mundo and Red Acoge have issued a joint statement denouncing Spain’s non-compliance with its human rights obligations.
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Gaza's humanitarian crisis: what comes next?
Blog: The announcement of a long-term ceasefire in Gaza marks both the end of a period of brutal violence, and the beginning of an extremely difficult reconstruction process.
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Sustainable development requires a 'fiscal revolution'
Policy Briefing: A new briefing, released for the 11th session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals, sets out the commitments needed to deliver a 'fiscal revolution'.
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A Matter of Justice: securing human rights in the post-2015 sustainable development agenda
Briefing: A new CESR publication argues that the human rights framework can provide operational principles and standards of conduct to ensure the post-2015 development plan delivers on its promises.
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Who Will Be Accountable? Human Rights and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Publication: A new publication by CESR and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights explains that incorporation of accountability will be fundamental to post-2015 development agenda.
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Mary Robinson
UN Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region and former High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson talks to CESR about the anniversary of the Vienna Declaration and the post-2015 development agenda.
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Voices for Social Justice: The influence and impact of the United Nations Special Procedures
Magdalena Sepúlveda, UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights and Olivier de Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food join CESR Executive Director Ignacio Saiz at Columbia University
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The Opera Framework
A new animation produced by CESR, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Forum (APF), offers a short introduction to the OPERA Framework for monitoring fulfilment of economic and social rights.
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